WP Snowball 2.0 Your Content, Links, Traffic and Profits

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WP Snowball 2.0 Your Content, Links, Traffic and Profits

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WP Snowball 2.0 Your Content, Links, Traffic and Profits

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GEt WP Snowball 2.0 Your Content, Links, Traffic and Profits right now!

Perhaps you’ve tried autoblogging before. Maybe you’re looking to get traffic for a product you own, a client’s site – or drive traffic as an affiliate. I don’t know. What I do know is you’ve arrived on this page because you’re serious about getting more traffic, links & profit from your sites.

So I can guarantee that you’ll find this page very valuable to your current (or future) business.

Here’s Why:

Ever wonder why some blogs (usually other peoples!) mysteriously pull in 1000’s of daily visitors, whilst others struggle getting a few bot hits?
Have you setup a decent autoblog before, but getting it to make money is like getting blood from a stone?
Do Google’s quarterly SEO air-strikes depress you?
Why you never seem to get that homerun you’re looking for, no matter what website, no matter how hard you try? (And if you do, why it never lasts?)
Even when you get a few blogs running, does link building always seem like an uphill battle?
Does the time it takes to get a blog up & earning frustrate you? You ever wonder if there’s a quicker way?
Are you tired of the same old, low-grade, poor-performing autoblogging plugins around today?


Did you know, industry stats show 81% of all bloggers make less than $100? (That’s EVER, not per month)

I’d bet that figure is even higher with autobloggers, because there are some unique challenges.

Why do you think most people most fail miserably at autoblogging?

I mean, the Internet’s a big place – surely there’s enough traffic and conversions out there for us to get some profitable autoblogs up and running?

Which Best Describes You?
“I’ve tried autoblogging, but saw pitiful (if any) results”You spent the time to learn the latest software that guaranteed to change your life. You put up with the bugs, slow support, and you even tweaked all the posts manually. But the traffic never came. All the content was duplicate, you had close to a 100% bounce rate and you even started getting DMCA notices because of the content on your blog!After admitting that it didn’t work for you, you put the idea on the back burner.
“Autoblogging seems like spam to me”I completely agree. What most people think of as autoblogging is complete garbage.Throwing up some auto-poster of dupe content built 5 years ago is *not* the way to do autoblogging today. It plain doesn’t work. Google got wise to it a long time ago, and there’s 1 very specific reason for that.Google has 2 priorities. Number 1 is their AdWords profit. That’s the company’s golden egg. And for Web Search, the number #2 is user experience. And that means giving people results that match the intent of their query.
So if you just throw up some old autoblogging plugin posting dupe content – it’s not helping anyone. Can you honestly imagine someone landing on an autoblog full of low-grade, fluff articles and liking it so much they stick around?

Me neither.

However, there’s nothing wrong with automation. It’s what the largest businesses in the world are built on. So it’s just a case of combining the two things – user experience, and automation.

Is that really that possible?

“I’m making money, but always looking for new traffic sources”You’ve got a few income streams, but realize that how much you make is limited by how much targeted traffic you can point towards your products and offers.You’ve pretty much exhausted (or given up on) the standard free methods, and usually stick to the paid traffic sources as they’re more reliable.
“I’m new to autoblogging, but looking to make some extra cash each month”You’ve already got a day-job, but long term you want to have your own business. Recently you’re finding it tough to find time for SEO, blogs and affiliate work, so you really need a shortcut to a reliable, extra monthly income stream.
I’ve felt like all 4 of those at one time. But there was one moment when everything changed for me…

It All Started With A Napkin…


I was being offered cake at my Nephew’s birthday party. He was 3 at the time and had way too much energy.

Then out the blue it hit me. Everyone was doing autoblogging wrong. They were stuck in the past, playing monkey-see-monkey-do , hoping to get back some of the glory days when traffic came easy and everyone clicked on ads.

Ideas kept popping into my head, so I grabbed a napkin and wrote down the common sense way to get real results.

I’ve written them below for you with some explanation to save you reading my chicken scratchings:

Organic Randomization
Regular autoblogs are too mechanical. They make, for example, 5 posts every day, all year around. That’s not very natural, is it? I needed a
Unique, But NOT Spun
I wanted the content to be unique, without having it garbled by some spinner. There’s (maybe) 1 half decent spinner available, but I didn’t want to be tied to some API limit. It would mess everything up if I could only make a handful of posts per day.
Fresh Ideas
It needed to have lots of fresh, unique, effective twists to the usual autoblogging idea. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere by doing the exact same thing 10,000’s of low quality blogs were already doing.
Tons Of Content Sources
It needed to have lots and lots of content sources. Half the problem with other auto-posters is they’re inbred, all posting from the same small handful of sources. You think Google doesn’t notice these things?
Built-In Backlink Campaigns
If I’m setting up a small army of blogs, I don’t want to be building links to them all as well. I needed a multi-month link building campaign scheduled for every post.
This new invention would need a Clickbank, CJ, Amazon, and AdSense for starters. I needed enough scope to test different monetization sources with different niches to maximize the commissions. The ads should be fully automatic, relevant, and need to look the part on my blog.
Details, Details, Details
Apart from all the usual settings (crediting content if required, link cloaking, auto-formatting keywords etc) I would need it to go further. For example, it needed to carefully manage bot clicks on the affiliate ads. Some affiliate programs don’t like you sending bot traffic as it lowers your EPC (Earnings Per Click).
Relevant Content
This is probably THE problem with current autoblogging solutions. I needed something that had a solid content system, with fail-safes in place to ensure only relevant content got posted.
I used these 8 points to come up with a system. A new way of autoblogging that couldn’t fail – because it was giving both Google AND users what they wanted.

So I started crunching some numbers…
What’s the average affiliate commission? It’s a how long’s a piece of string type question, I know. But I had to make some assumptions to estimate the success of this idea. So if we take digital cameras from Amazon, for example. In this case traffic converts with Amazon at around 5% and you make $10 per sale (I know – I’ve got a digital camera blog doing just this).

And let’s say we want each blog to make, on average, $3 per day. So each blog needs to make 1 sale every 3 days (or 10 sales a month).

Now, how much traffic would we need to to do that? I’ve been getting 1-3% CTR from my blog to Amazon, so we’ll be pessimistic and call it 1% for now.

First let’s work out how many visitors we’d need to make 1 sale, then we can plan how much traffic we need per day to make this work.

2000 visitors would get 20 ad clicks to Amazon (1% CTR) which would make 1 sale (at 5% conversion). So 2k visitors gets us $10 commissions from that 1 sale. And 2,000 visitors divided by 3 days (our target above) means that a blog needs 666 daily visitors to make $3+ per day with Amazon.

The details will be different for each ad source and niche, but this certainly give you the idea. And now the best bit…

When you get this far – you simply setup another blog, in the same niche (to start with) with a slightly different keyword focus. And with this 8 point napkin plan, setting up new blogs would be brain-dead easy. I could do a bunch a day… or even better, if I used WP Multi Site I could have 100 up in no time.

The numbers started to get interesting…

1 blog: $30 / month
10 blogs: $300 / month
100 blogs: $3,000 / month
1,000 blogs: $30,000 / month
Now I’m not suggesting you could setup 100 blogs in the same niche. My plan was to keep building in the same niche until I saw less results from newer blogs, then build out another niche.

I filled up several yellow note pads with calculations like this, for lots of niches and monetization sources. Things looks very positive. All I needed now was some software that would so all the work for me…

Introducing… WP Snowball

GEt WP Snowball 2.0 Your Content, Links, Traffic and Profits right now!


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