William Bronchick – Income Property Bundle | Instant Download !

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William Bronchick – Income Property Bundle | Instant Download !

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William Bronchick – Income Property Bundle | Instant Download !



Investing in Small Apartments

How an easy $20.00 rent raise can raise the value of your property by one million dollars
How to easily find motivated sellers
Find super deals anywhere in the country via this “insider” website
Use this simple checklist to do your due diligence on any deal you encounter
How to do “no money down” deals
How one deal can set you up for life
Let your tenants pay the management company, not you
A secret way to tie up a deal, then make out like a bandit
How to analyze a deal in 7 minutes or less
Magic questions to ask during negotiations that can put thousands of dollars in your pocket
What properties to avoid like the plague
A clever way to make money without even owning a property
The 3 numbers you must know when analyzing a property
The ideal apartment class that will generate the most money
How to use other people’s money (OPM) to put cash in your pocket
How to get free help from local experts
Critical contract clauses that can put thousands in your pocket
The contract terms that enable you to dramatically cut down your monthly expenses
How to get the seller to provide a needed down payment
How to never, ever pay taxes on your real estate, even when you sell
and so much much more…

Buy and Hold

Pick up single family homes, condos, and even small apartments, for bargain basement prices!
Use these properties to finance your retirement
How to analyze cash flow, cap rate, and net operating income
Improve your present standard of living
Take advantage of favorable tax incentives
Build up a substantial monthly cash flow … just to name a few.
How never to pay taxes, even when you sell (legally)
What’s the best way to find deals?
Estimate a property’s market value in 5 minutes or less
Answers to all the questions you forgot to ask about land trusts
Why you should get that property out of your name
How to choose the proper entity for your business
Avoiding disaster with your limited liability company
How a good mentor can hold the key to your success
How to prepare for a closing

Power Partnering

How to decide whether to bring on a partner – it’s not always the best option
Alternatives to partnership arrangements – sometimes there’s another path forward…
How to choose your partners – neglect these guidelines at your peril!
Doing due diligence on your potential partner – know what you are getting…
How to evaluate the “splits” and responsibilities – who gets what? who does what?
How to “sell” your deal to a partner – how to get a partner or partners on board with you
How to structure the deal or project – do I use an LLC, corporation, trust, JV, or other?
Tax and legal issues of JV’s and real estate partnerships – pay me now, or pay me later!
Longer-term real estate partnerships – how they differ from JV’s or short-term arrangements
Doing BIG deals – how to structure syndications to raise capital (legal issues and regulations)
Soliciting for private money – be careful how you tread here or the SEC will be on you
Putting it in writing – how to lay out your relationship in writing to avoid problems later!
How to deal with a blow-up – anticipating the inevitable disputes that arise in partnerships



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