William Bronchick – Fix and Flip/Buy and Hold Bundle | Instant Download !

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William Bronchick – Fix and Flip/Buy and Hold Bundle | Instant Download !

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William Bronchick – Fix and Flip/Buy and Hold Bundle | Instant Download !


Ultimate Guide to Buy & Hold

Pick up single family homes, condos, and even small apartments, for bargain basement prices!
Use these properties to finance your retirement
How to analyze cash flow, cap rate, and net operating income
Improve your present standard of living
Take advantage of favorable tax incentives
Build up a substantial monthly cash flow … just to name a few.
How never to pay taxes, even when you sell (legally)
What’s the best way to find deals?
Estimate a property’s market value in 5 minutes or less
Answers to all the questions you forgot to ask about land trusts
Why you should get that property out of your name
How to choose the proper entity for your business
Avoiding disaster with your limited liability company
How a good mentor can hold the key to your success
How to prepare for a closing

Ultimate Guide to Fix and Flips

How to Buy, fix up, and sell a house for profit
Insider tips on where to find the best properties to buy (and which ones to avoid!)
The art of negotiating a deal to bring their price down to rock bottom
The ins and outs of property contracts that you must know before signing oneSecrets of renovating-and cutting costs far below normal while doing so
How to list and market your properties like a pro – using the methods you will be taught
About legal and tax implications, as well as the practical side of running a highly profitable real estate business

Ultimate Guide to Rehabbing

How to find, select, pay, and negotiate with contractors!
How to build a ROCK solid contractor agreement (form included)
Generating a crystal clear scope of work (form included)
Change orders – avoid getting dinged later (form included)
Punch lists to prevent your contractor from skipping before the last payment (form included)
Lien Waivers, the RE Investor’s BEST FRIEND! (form included)
What work must have a BUILDING PERMIT
BUILDING CODE issues pertinent to the RE Investor
General Construction Knowledge that ALL rehabbers should have!
The new EPA Regulations on LEAD BASED PAINT!

Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling

15 Ways to Build a List of Investors to Wholesale Houses to in a Matter of Months. Our system will make it much easier to sell your properties when you have a built in list of buyers. You’ll feel secure knowing that you have a list of buyers already in place that want to purchase your wholesale deals!
7 Ways to Market to Motivated Sellers EXCLUDING the MLS. This system allows prospect to generate leads from a variety of sources. This way if one funnel dries up temporarily, the others can continue to produce. You will feel very comfortable knowing that you have several sources of continuous leads.
How to Deal with Brokers So They Cooperate FULLY on Bank Owned Properties. Not all real estate agents are cooperative in wholesale deals. Learn how to get them on your side. You will feel upbeat knowing that you can work both sides of the “fence!”
How to Make a Bank-Owned Property Offer WITHOUT PROOF OF YOUR OWN CLOSING FUNDS. Have the ability to make multiple offers without a lot of your own cash or a great credit score. You will be elated knowing that you can expand the number of your offers thus expanding your potential for profitable deals.
Practical Tips and Tricks for Getting Around the Lender Seasoning Rules. Most lenders have rules on how long you have to own a property before you refinance or sometimes resell it! Most of your competition will have to show ownership and wait several months and possibly to a year in order to do something profitable with a property. You’ll feel confident that you can move ahead within a reasonable period and make your profits!
Multiple Ways to Do a Double Close in TODAY’s MARKET, even if the Bank Picks the Title Company! You will feel an enormous sense of satisfaction knowing that you have maximized profits by paying for only one closing instead of two.
How Make a Profit on HUD Properties. Knowing how to work HUD properties can increase the amount of potential buyers that you have and the amount of potential deals in your marketing funnel. Feel glad that you are ahead of what types of deals your competition is doing.
All of the legal and tax angles on wholesale deals. Keep more of your earnings by proper tax planning and protect your hard earned profits by structuring your business entities correctly. Feel protected knowing that you have maximized what you can keep (legally and ethically) and have minimized hassles with the IRS.
Proper disclosures to sellers and buyers. Keep yourself out of legal hassles by providing proper disclosures and documentation. Feel secure knowing you are dealing with buyers and sellers in an honest, forthright fashion.
How to Negotiate Lender Short Sales the RIGHT Way. Feel gratified knowing that you have one additional tool in your real estate arsenal and that you can not only help people in financial trouble, but get paid for your efforts.
How to Negotiate With Motivated Sellers Like a Pro – Exactly What to Say to Get Someone on Your Side. Knowing these advanced negotiating techniques can get you the price and terms you need on a wholesale deal. Feel blessed that you have negotiated a fair deal that will make you a profit.
How to Build Rapport with Sellers in Foreclosure – Even if You Can’t Sell Your Way out of a Paper Bag! People in foreclosure can be guarded and untrusting. Our system shows you how to overcome that and get the seller on your side. Feel delighted knowing you have helped people; yet have financially helped yourself and your loved ones.
How to Evaluate, Negotiate and Assign an Owner Financed Deal. Assigning an all-cash purchase contract is one of the most risk- free, yet profitable ways to “sell” a wholesale deal to another investor. By knowing how to do it with a “seller –financed” property, you can find infinitely more deals and many more investors to wholesale properties to.
How to Estimate Fix-up Costs, Step by Step – Even if you Never Picked Up a Hammer. Be known as a true professional in the wholesaling arena, by providing accurate information about the condition of the property and a close estimate on the fix-up costs needed. You will be thrilled because you are known as a “player” and potential buyers will look to you for deals before they look to your competition.


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