VIP Package for NinjaTrader

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VIP Package for NinjaTrader

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A “One-and-Done” Investment

The VIP Package is the package you want if you’re ready to stop treating your trading as a hobby and become a serious trader. With this package, you’ll receive:
Lifetime licenses and updates of all FUTURE trade room indicators
Lifetime Trade Room Membership
Remote Installation and setup upon request

Package details:

Lifetime licenses and updates of all current trade room indicators

If we use it in our trade room, you own it too. Forever. We’ll even tell you whenever we have an update so you can log into our members only area to download the newest version of the indicator and documentation updates.

Lifetime licenses of any and all FUTURE Trade Room indicators

If we change or upgrade our indicators, we’ll let you know and send you a link to download the latest and greatest version. If you need help, replacing the older version with the new version, we’ll do that, too!

Lifetime Trade Room Membership

Let’s face it, life changes from month to month. Sometimes you can devote your attentions to a daily day trading room, and sometimes you just cant. This makes it difficult to decide when to pay or cancel your monthly membership. With a lifetime membership, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Come and go as you like, whenever you like. You have a permanent front row seat whenever you can attend.

Lifetime Fast Forward Program

Learning everything you need to know to be a successful trader can seem like a daunting task. It’s especially difficult if you have other things in life that require a large amount of your time and attention. That’s why we created the Fast Forward Self Directed Trader Training Program. You can learn and practice your trading whenever it’s most convenient for you. With this unique program you can sit and practice your trading skills right along with the trade room, but do it several hours or days later.

Lifetime “VIP Ah Ha Moments” group mentoring sessions

There’s nobody like a mentor who has been through the struggles that you have. Somebody that can speak right to your problems as if they can read your mind. Somebody that knows exactly what you are doing wrong that is keeping you from the success you desire, and has solutions. For many of our VIPs, these mentoring sessions alone are worth the price of admission to The VIP Program.

Funded trading account combine (tryout) sponsorship with TopStep Trader

You’ve used the Fast Forward program to practice your trading skills. You’ve been mentored in the Ah Ha moments group sessions to get your head right. Now it’s time to trade with real money. But, why risk your own? If you can prove to the guys at TopStepTrader that you have what it takes, they will let you trade their money and keep 80% of the profits while taking 0% of the risk.

Priority Technical Support

When you have a problem or question, you want immediate answers. As a VIP, your support requests are handled before any others that came in ahead of you. After all, you’re a VIP, and you deserve special treatment.

Remote Installation and setup upon request

Our VIPs receive a download of a setup program that easily puts all indicators, templates, and workspaces onto their trading platform. Many people, though, are just not comfortable using computers and would prefer to have someone else do it. For our VIPs, we’re happy to remotely log onto your computer, set everything up for you, and double check it to make sure everything is working properly.


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