Victoria Gallagher – Portion Control Hypnosis


Victoria Gallagher – Portion Control Hypnosis

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Victoria Gallagher – Portion Control Hypnosis


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Have you tried numerous diets in an effort to lose weight?
Do you find you can’t maintain weight loss after completing a diet program?

Do you want to be able to exercise portion control?

It’s a fact that the only way to reduce your weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Half the battle is in eating fewer calories, with higher nutritional value. By using Victoria’s 6 session hypnosis program you will learn to implement portion control. This will lead to you consuming fewer calories, which will make it easier to lose weight, and because you are already in the habit of eating less, you will maintain weight loss easier.

Track 1: Eat Smart

Through the first hypnosis session Victoria will help you develop new eating habits that help shrink your appetite and increase your metabolism. When you accomplish these two things you will effortlessly be able to lose weight, and most importantly your body will naturally maintain weight loss through the increase in your metabolism. When you learn portion control and eat your six smaller portioned meals throughout the day, making sure to increase the amount of protein, vegetables and fruits you eat, you will begin to notice a significant difference in the way you feel. You will see yourself eating smaller portions, and become aware of your waist line shrinking, not to mention the boost of energy you will get because you’ve increased your metabolism.

Track 2: Eat Slowly

This is probably one of the most important lessons you will learn while developing portion control. For years dieticians have talked about the overall benefits of eating slowly, fully chewing and enjoying your meals. You understand that trying to find the time in your busy schedule to sit down and enjoy a mean can be difficult, however through this innovative hypnosis session created by Victoria you will lose weight faster, you will soon be eating your food slower naturally, with absolutely no effort on your part. When you learn to eat slower and enjoy your meals, you will also notice your cravings for food diminish. This is an important step towards the ability to maintain weight loss.

Track 3: Shrinking Stomach

This unique hypnosis session teaches your body to recognize when you are full. When you follow the simple suggestions, delivered in Victoria’s calm and soothing voice, your mind will begin to believe your stomach has shrunk! Instead of feeling like you have a vast space to fill, you will feel full faster. By learning to recognize when your appetite is fulfilled you will effortlessly start to control your food portions. Instead of looking at the plate you have in front of you and automatically thinking you will have to go back for more, your brain will think; WOW, that’s a lot of food, I don’t know if I will be able to eat it all. When you combine this mentality with a normal exercise routine you will lose weight at a steady pace, until before you know it, you are at your ideal weight.

Track 4: Love your Veggies

Learning to love fruits and veggies is very important for someone who is hoping to maintain weight loss over a long period of time. What you may not realize is that you can, and will; through the help of this hypnosis session, learn to love vegetables as much as any other food source. You will learn to reverse the desensitization you have developed to unhealthy food. Instead of wanting to reach for that bag of potato chips you will naturally and effortlessly choose a healthier snack. In no time you will begin to crave those healthy snacks in the same way you used to crave sugary things. Even more surprisingly, you will see those snacks loaded with salt and sugar, with the same dislike that you once felt for the healthier options. By restructuring your snacking habits you will lose weight naturally.

Track 5: Drinking Water

Drinking water is one of the most important habits you can ever create for yourself if. Not only will water help you lose weight, it is also the number one way to keep your body properly hydrated. Keeping your body hydrated is a key factor to your having portion control. Did you know that your body sends the same messages to your brain when you’re thirsty, as it does when you’re hungry? Often when you think you’re hungry you’re really just thirsty. The suggestions in this hypnosis session will help you to begin to maintain weight loss by drinking water and reminding you to replace other, more sugar filled beverages with water.

Track 6: Hunger Scale

This hypnosis session will teach you to create a dial of numbers that range from one to ten. This will assist you in your portion control. Level one is when you’re starving, and level 10 is when you’re stuffed. You want to be somewhere in the middle. Once you’ve learn to tune into and detect the signals your body naturally sends you will have mastered portion control. This will also help you to recognize the difference between actual physical hunger, and emotional hunger, which is another major factor in your ability to maintain weight loss.


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