Tyson Zahner – Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Tyson Zahner – Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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Tyson Zahner – Attract 100 Leads in 30 Days | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !



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Module 1

  • The Complete Strategy from a 30,000 Foot view so you don’t get confused or overwhelmed
  • I’ll show you everything you need (good news … it’s all free with the exception of an one optional $10 per month tool)
  • The Real Secret to Turning Leads into Sales

Module 2

  • Where to Find (and How to Spy on) Your Perfect Prospects so you never have to guess what kind of message will attract them to you
  • The Simple 6-Step Magic Content Formula so you always know exactly what to say and structure your content for maximum response
  • The best kinds of “Lead Magnets” to attract your audience to you
  • What to do when you’ve selected the wrong target audience
  • How to monetize even the people who say “NO”
  • And Much More …

Module 3

  • How to deliver your “free giveaway” without a website and without doing video (if you don’t want to)
  • 3 Simple Ways to Get Conversations started and have people constantly reaching out to you in your Facebook messenger
  • How to use a simple $10 per month tool to automatically start conversations with people who comment on your Facebook page
  • And Much More …

Module 4

  • Discover the Pros and Cons of Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic and get help deciding which one is best for your situation
  • 6 Excellent Sources of Free Traffic Online
  • How to grow your social media following by becoming someone worthy of being followed
  • Should I Use my Facebook Business Page or my Personal Page?
  • How to use chatbots with Facebook LIVE
  • And Much More …

Module 5

  • How to get fast, targeted traffic using Facebook Ads
  • How to get started with Facebook ads (even on a “penny pinchers budget”)
  • Learn from my (very expensive and frustrating) mistakes so you can take the short-cut to successful Facebook ads
  • Watch over my shoulder, click by click, as I build 3 real-world ad campaign for my own business (who I target, what kind of images I use, what to say, which headlines work best, and more …)
  • Discover the types of ads that continuously produce results for my business while others complain that Facebook is too crowded, doesn’t work or “shuts down my ads”
  • Follow my real-world case study where I show you actual results complete with every tweak and changes I made along the way to optimize my results
  • Discover one simple tweak that can cut your lead costs in half

Module 6

  • How to deliver your “free giveaway” (on autopilot) immediately after a new lead contacts you via messenger (again … no website or capture page required)
  • Discover the right way to follow-up via messenger so you don’t get shut down
  • “How do I Transition from Giving Valuable Content to Starting a Conversation About my Product?”  I’ll show you exactly how to do this naturally without being weird or pushy.
  • The Magic 9-Word Follow-up that gets leads asking you for more information
  • A Simple (Totally FREE) way to Stand out from Almost Every Other Marketer Online and so You can Close Sales with Ease
  • For Network Marketers (or anyone else building a team):  “How do I duplicate These Strategies with a Team?” – I’ll show you how it’s done in module 6
  • And much more …

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