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Trena Little – Video Strategy Program VIP | Instant Download !

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Trena Little – Video Strategy Program VIP | Instant Download !



Video Strategy Academy
Leverage your content + build authority + scale your business with video you’re proud of.
Your Instructor
Trena Little
Wait! Who am I?
Hi. I’m Trena!
I’m an MBA graduate who quit the “perfect” job because I was bored and wanted to follow my passion of online video and editing! I now help creative business owners get confident on video and use YouTube to their advantage to grow their business with videos they are proud to share! I’ve taught hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 3 years how to use YouTube and video the right way, that doesn’t take hours of filming, editing and waiting for someone to FINALLY watch their video!
I’ve worked with clients like Heather Crabtree, Think Creative Collective and Christina Scalera of the Contract Shop to understand how YouTube video can work effectively in their marketing strategy without taking up all the waking hours in the day! I’ve been featured in Huffington Posts Must Watch Entrepreneurs, Creative Empire, Boss Mom podcast and more. These strategies and tactics are exactly what you will learn in YouTube For Creatives!
Course Curriculum
How This Program Works (5:27)
How To Get Your Money’s Worth! (9:18)
Your 90 Day Breakdown
30 Days to YouTube
The Foundation
Niching to GROW (8:36)
Get YouTube To LOVE You (7:22
Know Your Value and Know Your Viewer (8:45)
Types Of Videos Every Channel Must Have (3:37)
The Strategy
Under Standing YouTube Traffic Sources (3:15)
Implementing a YouTube Growth Strategy (7:08)
Implementing A Business Growth Strategy on YouTube (7:04)
Using YouTube During Your Launch (6:48)
How To LAUNCH Your YouTube Channel (3:58)
The Experienc
Setting Up Your Channel For Success (0:51)
Making Your Channel Look Professional (7:29)
Customize Your Channel Homepage (10:25)
Creating Your Channel Trailer (3:04)
About Section And Banner Links (2:49)
Channel Settings (1:24)
Description Box Defaults (5:09)
Channel Defaults Setup (8:48)
Claim Custom URL (1:52)
The Tactics
Getting Started With Your Tactics (2:17)
How Long And How Much (6:11)
Research for Video Ideas (31:04)
Researching Your Content Plan (34:34)
Creating Your Content Plan (3:28)
The Video
How To Script Your Videos (9:16)
Equipment Run Through (13:03)
Setting Up Your Equipment (7:37)
My Video Batch Day (4:47)
Delivering Your Content On Camera (3:26)
Getting Thumbnail Photos (2:45)
Finding YOUR Confidence To Show Up On Video (6:18)
The Editing Process
Editing Software Options (5:48)
Ways To Make More Engaging Videos (4:31)
Editing In Camtasia (5:34)
Make Your Own End Card (3:10)
Extra’s For Your Videos (6:52)
Finding Music For Your Videos (5:17)
Editing in iMovie (22:48)
The Optimization Strategy
Optimization Routine (11:30)
How To Make Thumbnails (18:13)
Anding End Screens And Cards (4:55)
Adding Captions To Videos (6:58)
The Promotion Strategy
Start Promoting Your Video! (3:29)
Schedule Your YouTube Videos (3:44)
Embed Your Video in a Squarespace Blog Post (2:29)
Embed Your Videos in a ConvertKit Newsletter (3:58)
Analyzing The Strategy
Time To Understand Your YouTube Data (3:10)
Studio Overview (8:15)
Analytic Overview (23:07)
Top 3 Analytics (10:29)
Metrics To Reach Your Goals (5:24)
Monthly Channel Audit (23:01)
Next Steps
Take Your Channel To The Next Level With Playlists (3:06)
How To Create Playlists (5:40)
Collaborating with Others On YouTube (6:30)
What Videos Work Best For The Feed (3:27)
What Videos Work Best For Stories (5:04)
What Videos Work Best For IG TV (6:22)
How To Edit Videos For The Feed (10:13)
How To Edit Videos For Stories (14:07)
Apps To Make Your Stories Even Better (11:44)
How To Edit Videos For IG TV (4:35)
How To Upload IG TV Episodes (2:16)
How To Create A Cover Photo For IG TV Episodes (3:13)
Instagram Video Templates (2:05)
Facebook Video Best Practices (15:46)
How To Edit Videos For Facebook (13:46)
How To Upload And Schedule Videos To Facebook (4:48)
Facebook Video Templates (2:35)
Pinterest Video Best Practices (2:36)
How To Create A Graphic Video For Pinterest (3:26)
How To Make A Video Pin On Pinterest (9:45)
How To Upload A Video Pin To Pinterest (3:57)
Pinterest Templates (2:05)
VIDEO MULTIPLIER FORMULA – Using Video On Other Platforms
Twitter Video How Tos (3:22)
LinkedIn Video How Tos (48:35)
How To Share Your Videos In Email Newsletters Or Email Funnels (3:29)
Creating GIFS From Your Videos (5:18)
BONUS – Setting Up An Editorial Calendar And Batching Your Videos
Why You Need An Editorial Calendar (7:41)
How To Set Up Your Editorial Calendar In Google Calendar (7:47)
How You Can Start Batching – Everything You Need To Do In One Day (10:45)
Organizing Your Content In Google Drive (2:31)
Batch Day Checklist For Each Video
Tools I Love!
WorkSheets + Printables
BONUS: YouTube Workflow Blueprint
Setting Up Your YouTube Workflow (10:13)
How To Use Your YouTube Workflow in Asana
How To Upload My Asana Workflow (4:03)
Use TRELLO too! (1:14)
Trello Basics (3:19)
Adding people to your board (1:03)
Difference between comments and description (2:03)
Adding attachments (1:05)
Color coding (2:22)
Delete a card (0:37)
Adding due dates (1:36)
Change the board background (0:47)
BONUS: Launch A Digital Product training
Launch A Digital Product training (36:14)
BONUS: Guest Expert Vault
Jessica Rasdall – How to Add Speaking to Your Business (56:55)
Tyler McCall Instagram Q&A (48:01)
Vanessa Kynes – Getting Started with Pinterest (54:46)
Alecia Walker – How to Turn YouTube Subscribers Into Customer with Your Welcome Sequence (35:36)
Andrew from TubeBuddy – Learn to Get Started with TubeBuddy (60:11)
Cassandra Thompson – Using LinkedIn to Boost Your Biz! (48:35)
Haley Burkhead – Profit and Profitability (70:47)
Steph Crowder- How to Plan Your Best Week Every Week! (49:24)
Jess Paxon – Learn Your Brand Voice And Brand Messaging (44:29)
Annie McCarty- Getting an Efficient Workflow Set Up in Your Business (48:49)
Chris Emmer – Using Instagram Strategically (68:33)
Claire Pelletreau: Facebook and Instagram Ads: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started (& Not Waste Tons of Money) (57:30)
BONUS: YouTube Branding Templates
Create Your YouTube Thumbnail Templates (6:26)
Create Your YouTube Channel Banner Templates (4:51)
Create Your YouTube End Screen Templates (3:10)
Group Calls
February 2020 Group Coaching (41:00)
April 2020 Group Coaching (62:52)
April 2020 Hot Seat (63:32)


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