Toni Turner – Secrets to Profiting with Exchange Traded Funds / ETF – 3 DVDs


Toni Turner – Secrets to Profiting with Exchange Traded Funds / ETF – 3 DVDs

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Toni Turner – Secrets to Profiting with Exchange Traded Funds / ETF – 3 DVDs

Product Description

Secrets to Profiting with Exchange Traded Funds (3) DVD Set

Imagine finding a trading and investing tool that can earn bigger profits than you’ve made with stocks – yet a tool that’s easier to use, involves less risk, and many times offers you a higher potential for raking in profits!

During this nearly 5 hour program, best-selling author and financial educator, Toni Turner, will show you how to trade and invest with Wall Street’s hottest new tool, the exchange traded fund (ETF).

Make more money with less risk!

Since their inception in 1993, ETFs have won the hearts and assets of everyone on the “Street.” Now, hundreds of these versatile funds are available, offering incredible opportunities for profiting.

How do you know which ETFs make the best choices for your trading or investing portfolio?

Let Toni Turner take the “guesswork” out of trading and investing with ETFs. She’ll show you step-by-step techniques that can earn you more money . . . with less research time, and less risk!


  • ETFs – What they are, how they can increase your profits.
  • ETF categories—which ones are right for your needs and goals.
  • Toni’s THREE favorite ETF set-ups, with exact “buy,” money management and “sell” signals.
  • Sector Strategies—which ETFs offer the best opportunities to profit, and when.
  • International Game Plan—learn which country ETFs to focus on and why.
  • How to double your profits fast with leveraged ETFs.
  • Which ETFs to buy when the market sells off (These “inverse” ETFs – rise when the market falls!)
  • How to hedge your profitable positions by protecting them with ETFs.
  •  Quick and easy ways to trade currency ETFs.
  •  ETF money management techniques, market psychology, and much, much more!

Toni Turner is the best educator of trading. I’ve learned so much and have dramatically improved my trading results since reading her books and attending her seminars. D.B. – Torrance, CA

I was familiar with the ETF world, but learned the proper and safe techniques for trading them successfully. T.R. – Lansing, MI

This was a great class presented in an easy to understand format with clear thought out strategies that anyone should be able to apply to make money with new trades or hedge existing positions. G.M. – Agoura Hills, CA

Toni combines and communicates simple to follow trading techniques with solid understanding of trading psychology. [She explains ETFs] in a manner that makes sense and one that I can relate to and actually implement. Y.K. – Tustin, CA


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