Tom Kenyon – Entering the Mandala | Instant Download !


Tom Kenyon – Entering the Mandala | Instant Download !

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Tom Kenyon – Entering the Mandala | Instant Download !


Tom Kenyon – Entering the Mandala 

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This set of live-recordings is from a three-day Chitananda Tantra meditation.

This unique form of tantra created by Tom Kenyon draws from BonPo Shamanism, Tibetan Buddism, Taoism/Daoism and the yogas of ancient India. It is an elegant and highly effective method to attain self-liberation, or Enlightenment, without the need to embrace any particular philosophy or spiritual tradition.

Chitananda Tantra accomplished this extraordinary feat through the art of training your brain/mind to enter blissful and self-liberating states of awareness, which by their very nature lead you to a direct experience of your own transcendent nature-unbound by time, space, place or circumstance.

The course includes 14 mind-expanding tantric sound meditations.

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