The Path of the Dreamshifter with John Perkins | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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The Path of the Dreamshifter with John Perkins | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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The Path of the Dreamshifter with John Perkins | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


Salepage : The Path of the Dreamshifter with John Perkins

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Sessions

Each teaching session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to become a Dreamshifter.

Module 1: Foundations of Dreamshifting
(Recorded June 3, 2014)


In this module, you’ll receive a big picture overview of the history of shamanism and how practices such as shapeshifting work. John will share powerful personal experiences from around the world, ranging from deep in the Amazon to high in the Himalayas. You’ll:

  • Understand the historical context and background for dreamshifting, drawing upon indigenous wisdom from many cultures
  • Receive foundational teachings for practices of shapeshifting
  • Begin the exploration into your Divine Self – a shamanic journey into the universal light that reaches across time and space, connects us all, and opens to our deep divinity
  • Go beyond the matrix to understand your mission and sacred purpose of your life on a deeper level
  • Learn about rites of passage and how to create them for yourself
  • Featured Experiential Journey: Mayan Universal Light practice – opens you to your deep divinity and higher Self

Module 2: Thriving in Revolutionary Time
(Recorded June 10, 2014)


We live in the most revolutionary time in history. Greater than the agricultural or industrial revolutions, it is a revolution in consciousness, a time for us to wake up to our true potentials as human beings, free ourselves from unconscious stories of lack and limitation, and release the false values, loves, hopes and expectations that have kept us stuck in dysfunctional patterns. In this module, you’ll:

  • Understand the cross-cultural, global awakening that is now underway, as well as the implications for us as a species
  • See the world’s Shift through the lens of shamanic wisdom from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America and understand the shapeshifting work underway in those places.
  • Receive wisdom teachings around specific indigenous prophecies about this time, such as the Eagle and Condor
  • Evolve a deeper understanding of your role in this global Shift
  • Deepen your journey into your Divine Self to fulfill the higher plan you set for this life and make your greatest contribution
  • Recognize the fellowship that is available to your around the world: you are not alone!
  • Featured Experiential Journey: The Divine Self Journey – a unique fusion of Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist techniques that John has synthesized

Module 3: The Marriage of Personal and Global Transformation (Recorded June 17, 2014)


Throughout history shamans have taught that the personal and communal are interdependent. In recent times Western cultures have emphasized the personal, often at the expense of the communal. In this module, we explore what it means to re-integrate the two and to reimagine your personal relationship with our planet. You’ll

  • Rewire your understanding of the relationship between the individual and the community, recognizing the larger purpose of service
  • See how the suffering of anyone within the community is also a suffering of your larger Self
  • Activate your engagement in your local community in a deeper and more sophisticated way
  • Understand indigenous prophecies on another level and how we can fulfill them
  • Weave your individual dream into a community dream and into a still larger global dream
  • Featured Experiential Journey: The Nunqui Journey – derived from the Shuar and Achuar of the Amazon, you’ll connect with the Earth Goddess for deeper wisdom

Module 4: Clarifying Mission, Higher
Purpose, and Goals
 (Recorded June 24, 2014)


Shamans teach that we are born at this historical time because we each have specific missions and goals that are needed now. We also are given the passion and skills necessary to fulfill our missions and reach our goals. In this module, you’ll:

  • Use non-linear, experiential techniques to identify your personal mission(s) and empower the goals you want to achieve in life
  • Connect your divine self with your tangible actions in a way that empowers your missions and goals
  • Recognize the larger trainings that your life curriculum has given you – even experiences you disliked
  • Learn to identify your dream as your mission and vice versa, as well as how to connect your mission to the communal mission
  • Identify the most important sub-missions that are part of the larger mission for you
  • Harness the power of your passion to act as an engine for manifesting your goals
  • Evolve the way you set goals from the perspective of dreamshifting, by using shamanic practices for their fulfillment
  • Featured Experiential Journey: Journey to Pachamama – an ancient Quechua practice of the Andes, with Pachamama representing Mother Earth, Mother Universe, and Mother Time

Module 5: Onion Layers, Barriers and “Hitting the Wall” (Recorded July 1, 2014)


We’ve been told by parents, teachers, religious leaders, politicians, and the media that we MUST look a certain way, behave according to specified standards, study this subject or that, on and on. You have accepted many of these edicts subconsciously, but they are not the true you, the divine you. Now is the time to break through those barriers and unwrap those onion layers. In this Module, you’ll:

  • Be guided through time-tested shamanic journeys to identify your internal barriers and understand how they’ve impacted you
  • Illuminate the path to rise to higher plateaus of consciousness
  • Understand the phenomenon of “hitting the wall” from a shamanic perspective and then be empowered break through
  • Establish a strong connection with the core self, allowing the outer onion layers to melt away
  • Harness the power of shapeshifting practices to work with our inner walls and barriers in a new way
  • Featured Experiential Journey: Unwrapping the Onion, a modern version of ancient Persian practices that have also been used in the Andes and Himalayas

Module 6: Breaking Through Barriers, Disposing the Onion Layers (Recorded July 8, 2014)


When you break through after “hitting the wall,” you shapeshift old ways, attitudes, and mindsets. By dissolving your internal barriers and unwrapping the onion layers, you attain new levels of wakefulness and presence in your day-to-day life. In this module, you will:

  • Learn to unwrap the onion layers on a core level
  • Understand the process of energy transmutation from a shamanic perspective, helping you open to more of what you want
  • Participate in shamanic rituals to dispose of the barriers and onion layers, shapeshifting “negative” energy into the “positive” energy that will empower you to manifest your mission and achieve your goals
  • Experience a connection with your Divine Self that is unencumbered by old ideas, prejudices, and dysfunctional patterns that have held you back
  • Learn shamanic rituals of release that you can continue to practice in the future
  • Release feelings of unworthiness, neediness, and unlovability
  • Dissolve addictive patterns around alcohol, tobacco, sex, and other sources of addiction
  • Featured Experiential Journey: The Dying and Rebirthing Initiation – a miniature version of a practice done in shamanic cultures around the world

Module 7: Shapeshifting Yourself and
Our World
 (Recorded July 15, 2014)


How do you integrate the shamanic work of Dreamshifting in your daily life moving forward? In Module 7, you’ll anchor your recognitions in practices that you can do in an ongoing way, keeping deep alignment with your new Dream. You’ll:

  • Envision and map the daily actions that will empower you to complete your mission
  • Journey with a Himalayan technique to superconscious realms that help you to integrate what you’ve learned
  • Open to feel, embrace, and honor your connection with the divine and channel the energy of the universe into yourself
  • Learn shamanic practices for integration and daily wholeness – practical daily skills
  • Access your greatest joy to fuel your ongoing journey
  • Featured Experiential Journey: The Tibetan Star, a Himalayan technique that brings holistic self, emotions, heart, into realization of our missions. John says that it is guaranteed to be successful if you do it right!

The Path of the Dreamshifter Bonus Collection

In addition to John Perkins’ transformative 7-session course you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions with the world’s leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions are being offered to further complement what you’ll learn in the course and take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.


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