The HeartMath Solution with Howard Martin | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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The HeartMath Solution with Howard Martin | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !

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The HeartMath Solution with Howard Martin | INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD !


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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

Each weekly LIVE training session will build powerfully upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to activate your heart’s intelligence.

Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

Module 1: The Intelligent Heart
(February 23)


Within all people there is a central, organizing intelligence that can and does lift us beyond our problems even in the midst of chaos and confusion. It is called “heart,” and it has been talked about for thousands of years. In this first module, we will explore the history of “heart”, what heart intelligence is and develop an understanding of the ultimate partnership between heart, mind and body. You will learn about important scientific discoveries showing that the physical heart is an information processing center in the body and you will hear about the communication pathways by which the heart sends essential commands to the brain.

In Module 1, you’ll discover:

  • A fundamental HeartMath technique that can quickly activate your heart’s intelligence.
  • Easy methods to clear negative emotions and unhappy life experiences so you have more time and more energy for what matters most to you.
  • A greater state of appreciation and gratitude, which helps to harmonize situations, deepen relationships and improve your productivity.

Module 2: The Power of Coherence
(March 1)


The heart’s intelligence provides intuitive guidance that allows us to navigate the complexities of life in a more elegant way. What often stands in the way of receiving this essential information is stress — a little word that covers many things we feel such as anxiousness, overload and sadness. What is stress? How does it affect us and how can we reduce it? We will explore answers to these questions, gain a scientific understanding of coherence — the antidote to stress and the foundation of new awareness — and learn a technique that can be used to give you access to the heart’s intelligence in the moment.

In Module 2, you’ll discover:

  • HeartMath’s foundational technique of Quick Coherence® to increase heart coherence at the beginning of your day and whenever you become stressed.
  • The science behind your heart’s intelligence and thus how to better access its full power.
  • How your heart sends and receives essential information – and techniques you can use to improve your overall health and wellbeing.
  • How to apply the science of the heart to find your own peace of mind – no matter what is going on around you or in your life circumstances.

Module 3: Energy Efficiency
(March 8)


Every day we wake up with a certain amount of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. How we spend this vital, precious energy has everything to do with our overall quality of life, health, relationships and more. In this class you will use your heart’s intelligence to see what depletes your energy and what renews it. Learning how to be more energy efficient is an important key to creating the life you were meant to have.

In Module 3, you’ll discover:

  • Three core heart-power tools for reenergizing your system and increasing your energy bank account.
  • The Inner Ease technique.
  • The relationship between your heart and your brain, and how to access the “more” of your brain most people never tap into!

Module 4: Understanding the Mystery
of Emotions

( March 15)


The ability to feel a myriad of different emotions is a great gift. However, we often feel like the victim of our emotions. Learning how to better regulate our emotions represents the next frontier in human evolution and the heart’s intelligence offers a way to maximize the gift our emotions offer. We will explore emotion, how heart intelligence plays a guiding role in our emotional choices and also learn about refined emotional distinctions such as the difference between Care versus Overcare and Empathy versus true Compassion.

In Module 4, you’ll discover:

  • The steps to shifting to a baseline of positive emotions such as compassion and appreciation that activate a coherent heart/brain interaction.
  • How you can “turn on” positive emotions to turn around a discordant situation.
  • Easy methods to clear negative emotions and unhappy life experiences so you have more time and energy for what matters most to you.

Module 5: Cut-Thru to Emotional Maturity
( March 29)


Emotional memories are part of who we are. They shape our perception of life and provide context and meaning. However, at times these emotional associations can be limiting, coloring perception and awareness in ways that do not serve us anymore. In this class you will experience a powerful, heart-based technique for clearing old emotional patterns.

In Module 5, you’ll discover:

  • The Cut-Thru technique, a six step process designed to free you from your often limiting emotional history, that can prevent you from having the life you were meant to have.
  • How to open to a new connection with your authentic self and pave the way for new fulfilling possibilities to emerge.

Module 6: Sustaining Heart Coherence for Intuitive Connection
(April 5)


Intuition is always available as the heart speaks, sometimes softly and other times with clear direction. Intuition demystified can become a practical, common sense intelligence useful for making decisions big and small. In order to gain access to more of our natural intuitive intelligence we need to sustain a connection to our core power, the heart. Practicing techniques to increase the time you are in heart coherence is an effective way to increase intuitive access, improve health and well-being. In this class you will learn about intuition and practice two key HeartMath techniques — one for sustaining heart coherence and another for accessing intuitive guidance.

In Module 6, you’ll learn:

  • A heart-centered method of intuitive discernment that will help you see your commitments through.
  • Tools to cultivate intuition and knowledge that come from your heart’s awareness of people and situations.
  • How to make more effective decisions that unfold your optimal potential involving your heart as your guide.

Module 7: Using the Power of the Heart to Create Social & Global Coherence
( April 12)


The emergence of heart intelligence is an evolutionary imperative at this time in human history. Changes are happening quickly. The world’s problems are on full display but at the same time an expansion of “heart” is taking place. People around the world are shifting perception and beliefs and as a result a new and better world is taking shape. In this final class we will look at our current and future world through the lens of the heart. We will explore how we can contribute to creating a more heart-connected world and look at the personal, societal and global changes that are possible as more people use the heart’s wisdom to direct their lives.

In Module 7, you’ll discover:

  • Fascinating research that measures the effects of human emotion on the planet.
  • How you create a collective field with others that affects the health of your community.
  • Ways to calm and center others, from your children to co-workers, through heart-based communication practices that have a global impact.
  • The benefits of connecting with the Global Heart and how to extend your own heart-coherent field.

The HeartMath System Bonus Collection

In addition to Howard Martin’s transformative 7-week course, you’ll also receive these powerful training sessions and materials from the world’s leading HeartMath experts. These bonus sessions will complement the course, deepening your understanding and practices.


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