sue kemnitz – sketching the ladies | Instant Download !

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sue kemnitz – sketching the ladies | Instant Download !

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sue kemnitz – sketching the ladies | Instant Download !


Sale page: sue kemnitz – sketching the ladies

he little ladies are pretty special. They encourage, they inspire and they may change the focus of your day. In these lessons, I guide you through their whimsical bones, so-to-speak.

Learn to sketch expressive and whimsical ladies: their poses, gestures, faces, hands, feet and more.

In addition:

  • Spot and highlight details that will bring life, whimsy and energy to your ladies. (yay!)
  • Loosen up your sketching technique.
  • Encouragement to practice. Daily.
  • Explore quiet times of soaking or meditation.
  • Includes four lessons with five sessions in each. Thats over 20 individual sessions. Plus a couple bonus sessions.

In short, I guide you into sketching a life of goodness and kindness. Woot!

Ps. Just so we’re on the same sketchbook page, please note that this workshop is not a painting nor writing workshop. We be sticking to the ‘bare bones.’ (Well – nothing bare in there. Just so you know.)

Workshop Curriculum

sketching the ladies
Startintroduction (3:01)
Startbasic lady (15:05)
Startcreating backgrounds (38:56)
Startlesson one • quiet time and other miscellaneous beginnings (93:21)
Startlesson two • sketching features – hands and feet, oh my (89:33)
Startlesson three • sketching a rainy day lady (80:57)
Startlesson four • sketching action (71:39)
Startwhimsical woohoo’s
Startthank you! (5:40)


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