Stephen J.Puetz – The Unified Cycle Theory


Stephen J.Puetz – The Unified Cycle Theory

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Stephen J.Puetz – The Unified Cycle Theory

Documented cycles range widely in diversity. They include fluctuations in the stock market, commodity prices, economic activity, wars, civilizations, global climate, ice-ages, geological formations, and abundance of life on Earth. This book examines all of these cycles, plus more. In addition, the Unified Cycle Theory makes predictions about our universe. If you’re interested in history, science, geology, physics, astronomy, climatology, biology, mathematics, psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, or investment theory, then read on. The theory includes portions of all of these academics. Furthermore, this book covers cycles ranging as short as 27 days to ones spanning billions of years. The evidence comes from a variety of scientific, academic, and business sources – which this book methodically details. In spite of the great advances in identifying cycles, this increased knowledge yielded little in the way of providing a consensus about why they occur. This book attempts to correct that shortcoming. These chapters step back, dispose all preconceptions, reexamine the wealth of information available, and use deductive processes to formulate a new theory.

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