Speed Seduction Total Immersion 2011 Seminar Exclusive Bonuses

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Speed Seduction Total Immersion 2011 Seminar Exclusive Bonuses

Introduction To “Showing Up Attractive” And “Sexual Aggression Mastery: The Sexually Forward Male”

Try as I might, I could not come up with a way to effectively separate these two courses.   What you’ll be doing with “Sexual Aggression Mastery: The Sexually Forward Male” is massively empowered and assisted by what you will be doing with “Showing Up Attractive”.

The link between these two courses takes place on many levels, but let me outline one of them here by defining two types of “attraction”.

First, bear in mind that “attraction” is not a “thing”. It’s an ongoing neurological activity and process that takes place inside a woman’s mind and body, subjectively experienced and perceived by her.

That said, I believe women experience “attraction” in two basic ways.

First, there is an overall, subtle, full body sensation that is pleasant, that may involve some subtle feelings of warmth and pleasure in the body, and an overall sense of being pulled or drawn forward.

(If you’ve ever heard a woman say, “I just feel drawn to him” or “he’s magnetic” you have an idea of what I am describing).

The other type of “attraction” is what I would more accurately label “arousal” or “desire”.  This may include the full body sensations, but it also includes more obvious, intense, local sensations; a flood of warmth in the vagina, throbbing in the clitoris, flushing in the face, the heart beating faster, the nipples erecting, the proverbial “butterflies in the tummy” etc.

My claim to you is, by getting the concepts and doing the drills/practices from “Showing Up Attractive” you will be able to generate the first type of “attraction” before you even open your mouth, before you even have any degree of skill with the Speed Seduction® language pattern, and even in situations that formerly left you crippled with anxiety, fear or sexual overload.

Further, once you can get that first kind of “attraction” it makes it much easier to sexualize the situation and move the sexual situation skillfully forward, as outlined in “The Sexually Forward Male”.

So it’s important that you do these courses in the right order:  “Showing Up Attractive” first and then the “Sexually Forward Male”.

How These Courses Are Constructed And To Put Them To Best Use

These courses consist of the following:
1. Live footage from seminars I’ve done in the past year, some with video commentary by me on the side, some without.
2. Videos I’ve specially created for this course with my web cam
3. Written material, some of which contain drills and exercises or questions to answer.

The courses are also divided into two sections: theory and practice/drills.  Please do watch the theory videos first before moving on to the practice/drills section.  Since the material is pretty densely packed, I recommend you do no more than ONE module per day, unless the module is sub-divided into more than one part. Then it’s ok to watch all the parts of that module in the same day or sitting.


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