Simplertrading – The Billionaire Mindset

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Simplertrading – The Billionaire Mindset

Simplertrading – The Billionaire Mindset

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Profitable Trading Lessons From Necker Island

To succeed and take your trading to the next level, you must get your mind ready for wealth. That’s why John wants to share everything he learned on Neckar Island with you.

Join John Carter in this special training to discover:

  • How to dramatically ‘level up’ your consistency and escape the ‘Sneaky Mental Trap’ that sabotages your profitability when things get ‘too good’
  • Why doing way ‘LESS’ can help you make a whole lot more money
  • The little-understood way to handle fear that separates successful traders from those who are doomed to fail (Finally, operate at your true potential!)
  • How to become a better trader by becoming a better version of yourself (and why market conditions have very little to do with your results)
  • How to know if your mind is tricking you into taking lame trades with low profit potential and holding you back from the wealth you truly desire…
  • Why the most expensive information is BAD information (and how to put your rate of improvement on fast forward)


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