Simple Click Tracker Developers

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Simple Click Tracker Developers

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Simple Click Tracker Developers

Create redirect links
Track conversions
Shorten your links
Group your links together
Drill into traffic stats by date, domain, group, and link
Create, track, and measure complete funnel conversion
Track your advertising on all ad platforms
Imagine Having the Ability to Convert EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE VISITOR into a Source of PERPETUAL, MONTHLY Revenue
YES, It’s Possible! Take Your Business from Zero to Six Figures PER MONTH with this SIMPLE, but IMMENSELY POWERFUL Tool.

Paul Evans Author & Speaker – “Success is NOT an Accident!”




David and Paul Love Bringing Real Software Solutions That Solve Real Problems to Market!
Simple Click Tracker is part of the marketing strategy that has brought in millions in sales revenues to NAMS, Inc and

Order today and this tool is all yours for a ridiculously low price!
Remember – when you pick this up today…
You get The Simple Click Tracker Plugin
… complete with all the features David uses to power his seven figure revenue business and live workshop empire! This includes all the time-saving, money-saving, and money-generating features we mentioned on this page.

You get Lifetime Updates on this plugin
You get it included as a bonus for taking action right now! You will receive any changes made to the plugin for the life of this tool! This will be a recurring service beginning July 1st.

You get an in depth (not outsourced) User Guide for the Simple Click Tracker plugin
Created by David himself so you can start using this plugin right away . Everything is covered, and since it is created by David you ALSO receive behind the scenes training on how he uses this tool to power his 7 figure business. We believe in equipping our customers with the tools they need to succeed!

You get access to a LIVE Customer Only Q&A session
With the replay included! This will help you get all your questions answered live about how to most effectively use the Simple Click Tracker tool to grow your business. You will be joined by two Internet marketing experts and with a combined 30+ years of experience with their full attention on you to answer your questions .

You get access to a LIVE “Building Strategic Business Funnels” webinar
with the replay included! Funnels are the key to automating and monetizing your business effectively. See exactly how we use Simple Click Tracker to automate our funnels and scale our business. This is a power packed training. Now that you have a tracking tool in place, creating profitable funnels are easily the next step for your success!


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