Salvatore M. Buscemi – Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker

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Salvatore M. Buscemi – Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker

Salvatore M. Buscemi – Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker

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Former Wall Street Investment Banker Spills the Beans About 
How Average Americans Can Make 5…6… Even 7 Figure Cash Windfalls
with the Upcoming $1.4 Trillion Commercial Real Estate Default Tsunami
Former Wall Street Investment Banker Spills ‘Insider Secrets’ on How You Can Easily Pocket $50,000 ‘MatchMaking’ High Dollar Real Estate Deals
Never Before Revealed Strategy For QuicklyConnecting The ‘Money Guys’ To The  Commercial Assets = Massive Payday For YOU

Hi! My name is Sal Buscemi and I want to tell you where the money’s at in Real Estate.  Most Americans don’t know this. It’s not really a secret, but most don’t know it anyway.

OK, Here’s Where The Money’s At In Real Estate . . .Most people think the money in real estate is in residential properties, but it’s not.  Low dollar single family homes are not how you get rich quickly and easily in real estate.

But here’s where the real money is at.  So pay close attention.  The money is in properties like apartment buildings, shopping plazas, warehouses, etc.

The real money is in commercial real estate!  Large buildings rented out to other businesses.  That’s where the real money’s at!

Would you like to have the right training to tap into this market so you can make HUGE sums of money with no risk?  This isn’t just a pie-in-the-sky sort of business. It’s real and it’s exactly how Wall Street makes money every day!  Let me tell you how . . .

The Biggest Challenge Facing Commercial Real Estate Investors Today
Commercial real estate loans are a LOT different from mortgages on houses. In fact, the differences are MASSIVE. First, the average size of a commercial real estate loan is $5,000,000 dollars!

This puts lenders at HUGE risk if there is a default on the loan.  So bankers pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the businesses that they have loaned money to.  They keep in continual contact to make sure the business is generating the cash to pay the loan. Bankers and other lenders are continually worried about getting their money back.

So they do two things.  First, they make the time to pay the loan back very short.  This requires the business to get a NEW loan every five to seven years.  Second, they have the ability to force the borrower to pay back the loan at almost any time!  WOW!

That’s why you want to pay attention to this next fact. There is a $1.4 trillion opportunity approaching. Over the next 5 years there will be over $1.4 TRILLION dollars of loans that are going come due or will be called by the banks!

This is very bad news for current commercial real estate owners. But it’s great news for you.  If you know how to help them. That’s what I’m about to tell you.  How you can help them… AND make a fortune in the process. First, you need to…

Think Like A Bank, NOT Like A Borrower
Today I spend my time managing 2 funds between NYC and Las Vegas. Don’t worry, I’m not some Wall Street wolf or anything like that. At 22 years old, after a grueling formal education process, I got a job on Wall Street. A dream of mine all throughout school.

I struggled through years of financial education at top school just to get an entry-level job on Wall Street. I spent years getting beat up by Wall Street warrior-types day in and day out.  I made my connections and paid close attention.

I kept my ear to the door of Wall Street boardrooms and I read more books than I can count. I spent late nights studying financial reports and started to uncover the cracks in the machine. I fought tooth and nail competing in the most competitive environments on earth.

I put in four of the hardest working years of my life.  Eating over a sink…

struggling to “look the part”… and ended up completely run down. But now I can show YOU how to think and judge commercial real estate properties like a Wall Street banker.

Wall Street knows how to create the best and the brightest.  They know how to transform someone into an expert superstar. Because they ARE experts.  Wall Street makes sure everyone they work with is an expert as well. And do you want to know what those Wall Street bankers are thinking?

They know that securing financing is often the missing piece for every business wanting a commercial real estate loan. And they know it’s getting harder.  According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, new regulations like Dodd-Frank have gone into effect making it harder than ever to get financing. Getting a loan is by far the most complicated and frustrating part of funding a great piece of commercial real estate. Contracts, negotiations, and inspections don’t compare to the frustration of getting the funding needed to invest in commercial real estate.

But wait, it gets worse…

The huge cost per transaction in both time and money.  The amount of communication in the entire process of loaning money for just one property can be mind-numbing. Wasting time on a property they might not get is terrible business . . .

So being able to communicate with Wall Street bankers and to bring them good deals is huge for them. So huge they actually pay people to do that!

There are two things that are important
Two things you absolutely must know if you want to succeed in commercial real estate


Most businesses go to banks for a commercial loan and get turned away because they aren’t lending like they used to.
But there is one funding source that is still open.  A funding source that is available to anyone – it’s call private discretionary capital.

Private discretionary capital is someone who has money and who wants to invest in commercial real estate. Someone who doesn’t understand the commercial real estate market like you do.


you need to know to be successful in commercial real estate is something Wall Street bankers rarely talk about…
A hidden element in all commercial real estate deals that gives them the edge.  It’s called a ‘Matchmaker.’ This is an individual that bridges the gap between those who have money and those who need money to buy commercial real estate property.

Remember, real estate is a local business – even commercial real estate!

A Wall Street banker in New York will seek out a Matchmaker in say – Ohio – to find good properties. The Matchmaker will bring that property to someone with private discretionary capital.

If both parties agree to do the loan, the matchmaker earns a HUGE commission! We’re NOT talking about making only a couple hundred bucks. The average commercial real estate loan is $5,000,000! A typical matchmaker fee is 1%.

That puts a 1% finder’s fee at $50,000 for a typical commercial real estate matchmaker! The bigger the deal, the bigger the payout!

That’s not all. Many deals can be structured to pay you a nice recurring income monthly.  Just one deal can pay you for life, pay all your bills, and give you the peace of mind you’ve been seeking!

Let’s be blunt.  YOU are Wall Street’s secret weapon. As a matchmaker you can help Wall Street find businesses needing money AND you can help local businesses in your area find that money!  This is one of the greatest kept secrets on Wall Street!

The Step-By-Step System That Will Change Your Life!

How would you like to get the Wall Street training that took me years to get? Introducing….

The Commercial Real Estate Matchmaker System™

This is the same education that has helped thousands of my students build seven-figure portfolios from zero by thinking like a bank. Not like a borrower, but by applying the strategies, techniques, and secrets from my days on Wall Street.

I’ve taken an entire 3 day “behind closed doors” training experience that my private clients paid $2,300 for and put it on easy to access videos. And it couldn’t be more simple!
We’ve also stripped the audio out of every single video so you can download to your iPhone, iPod or any other MP3 player!

No complex manuals or thick books like I had to read.

The entire training in digital format for YOUR convenience.
So easy you can listen to it in your car or while you are jogging!

Just look at the HUGE amount of information you have at your finger tips.  The same knowledge that creates a Wall Street banker! Here’s what you’ll discover in this comprehensive, easy-to-understand video series.

  • Hear how “Deal Flow” works and hear our current Dandrew Intermediaries’ stories and experiences from the trenches.
  • The important difference between Offline vs. Online credibility.
  • How building a credible brand for yourself is crucial in your day to day networking.
  • Know where the deals are…so you don’t waste time endlessly browsing the internet and get discouraged and quit.
  • The Five Data Points you must get on any commercial deal. No more having to go through a 20MB Investment Memorandum. Get these 5 points or get the door
  • Get the same scripts our office uses daily so you know exactly what to say to people experienced in the industry.
  • These scripts will get you taken seriously in this high-dollar industry.
  • How to handle objections so you can turn ANY situation around to your favor in your day to day networking.
  • Get the answers to every objection in this exclusive Q&A session.
  • How to use interns in your business to streamline the workflow and get more deals into the pipeline – quicker.
  • How To Pre-Qualify Any Commercial Real Estate Deal Within 90 Seconds: Get the Wall Street secret for spotting a Good Deal vs. Bad Deal.
  • Cutting edge analysis techniques (complete with the same in-house infographics our internal team uses day in and day out to close deals).
  • Case studies: Apartments and multi-family units.
  • Equity vs Debt. Know which private capital providers provide which types of capital. (Knowing this can make a huge difference between being respected or blacklisted).
  • Real Case Studies: Play-by-play case studied on multi-family deal scenario so you understand every aspect of the transaction.
  • Transactional funding demystified: get the training on transactional funding to completely remove the mystery.
  • Deep Dive transactional funding for “good deals vs. bad deals”.
  • Beyond the 5 data points:
    • What happens after you pre-qualify your deal.
    • How to navigate all the common speed bumps most investors when closing the deal.
    • Live ‘dealmakers’ q&a: Pass or Play…and why
  • Steal these legal financing strategies  wall street uses to insulate themselves from risk.
  • Boardroom Secrets: 3 Part Series – hear a blistering critique of a student intermediary’s capital raise.
  • How building a credible brand for yourself is crucial in your day to day networking.
  • What never to say or do when raising capital
  • Bulk non-performing loan arbitrage: listen as we introduce you to bulk REO non-performing loans…  so you can add this option to your revenue stream.
  • Watch as I discuss my very own Pitch Book with the audience. This is rare unreleased footage for obvious reasons.
  • Watch a secret skype interview with a bulk REO and NPL traders at one of the nation’s largest hedge funds
    Watch as we review student deal submissions and critique them so you completely understand how to cross bulk asset trades… and profit without credit or capital.
  • Get examples of bad deal submissions…so you never make the same mistakes.
  • How to consistently market for deal flow and ensure that your pipeline is full and flowing at all times.
  • How to credibly cultivate capital: tricks to syndicating capital effortlessly like only 1 in a 100 can.
  • Get Wall Street’s closely-guarded deal structuring strategies broken down into plain English.
    How to get into deals that you would never be able to do on your own.
  • Listen in on my Open Mic Q&A session and get my ‘insider’ thoughts.
  • Exclusive never before released cheat sheet… indispensable, invaluable.
From the Bankers’ Boardroom Directly To YOU

Most of what is learned at the upper tiers of real estate is learned in board rooms. In these board rooms, bankers listen and then get to work immediately.  Because they have been told what to do and how to do it!  That’s the kind of speed you can expect!

Once you listen to just one section of the training…

You can immediately begin to put the knowledge to work in your business.  Imagine skipping the grueling process of understanding the inner-workings of commercial real estate so you can get right to making money.

Imagine winning and closing more deals than any of your peers and finding deals so quickly that it destroys your competition. Imagine finally getting all the information you need to be successful in one step-by-step system so you don’t have to spend years trying to figure it out on your own.

Again – why should you listen to me?  Because I spent years studying finance and working on Wall Street doing commercial real estate deals.

I’m going to let you in on those closely held Wall Street secrets that no one will talk about.

And because I’ve trained you like a Wall Street banker…


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