Sacredscience – Richard Lynch – The Path to Wisdom


Sacredscience – Richard Lynch – The Path to Wisdom

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Sacredscience – Richard Lynch – The Path to Wisdom

Exact Facsimile Reprint of Original Edition Published: 1934. 57p. Anotherof the RAREST Titles from the GANN LIST. The Way of Truth InstructionThrough Metaphysical Terms & Definitions. The beginning of wisdom is thebeginning of supernatural power. Paracelsus. Another of the rarest of rarefrom the Gann List. Out of his own inspired consciousness of the truththat sets free, in his lectures and his writings Dr. Lynch is aidingthousands to attain that knowledge which is power. As editor of themonthly magazine, ‘The Key To Power’, Dr. Lynch contributes to each issuea stimulating article dealing with the power of mind and scientificthinking. Contents: The Absolute; Affirmation; Appearance; Assurance;Channel; Christ Within; Communion; Compensation; Concentration; Concept;Consciousness; Cosmic Consciousness; Courage; Creation; Demonstration;Denial; Desire; Dimension; Divine Ideal; Dogma; Duality; Ego; Energy;Error; Esoteric vs. Exoteric; Faith; Fear; Freedom; God; Happiness;Harmony; Healing; Health; Idea; Ideal; Individuality; Intellect; Karma;The Kingdom; Knowledge; Law; Light; Lack; Logos; Love; Man; Manifestation;Materialism; Meditation; Metaphysics; Mind; Conscious vs. Subconscious vs.Superconscious Mind; Mysticism; Nature; Negative; Nonresistance;Omnipotence; Omnipresence; Peace; Personality; A Plane; Poise; Positive;Power; Praise; Prayer; Principle; Prosperity; Reality; Relaxation;Religion; Repression; Resurrection; Revelation; Science; Silence; Sin;Spirit; Spirituality; Substance; Supernatural; Supply; Symbol; Theology;Theosophy; Things; Thought; Truth; Unity; Universal; Vision; Wealth; Will;Wisdom; Work; Works; Worry. Bookseller Inventory # 483

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