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Rosy Aronson – Designed to Blossom | Instant Download !

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Rosy Aronson – Designed to Blossom | Instant Download !



You often find that traditional definitions and paths towards success don’t fit you
You’re tired of paddling upstream, while second-guessing yourself at every turn
You’re ready to feel a whole new level of ease and flow in your life
You’re new to Human Design, or have found certain approaches to the system a bit ‘heady’, rule-based or overwhelming
You are committed to making a loving difference in the world, but can’t seem to get your own life into balance
You know you have so much to offer, but somehow you still feel invisible
You want to learn how to cut through the noise, ‘shoulds’ and pressures all around you, so that you can finally just BE yourself and enjoy your life!

Designed to Blossom…
…offers a compassionate, transformative and Gene Keys-embracing approach to Human Design. Whether you participate in the online course or purchase the Creative Workbook & Foundational Course, you will be guided—petal by petal—through a highly experiential and psychologically grounded journey of liberation. If you want to expand your understanding, refine your experiment and receive heartfelt guidance, you will love the Designed to Blossom Resource Book.
Designed to Blossom has been lovingly created for people who:

have explored Human Design elsewhere, but are longing for a nuanced, compassionate, relationally-grounded and paradox-embracing way of working with this powerful system, and…
want to bridge Human Design with Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys, and Rudd’s and Pitzal’s Integral Human Design
Rosy’s unique approach to Human Design will empower you to meet life head-on with vitality, and to respond to everyday (and very human!) challenges with creative grounding, emotional maturity and self-respect.


I was born into a warm, creative, self-sacrificing and slightly neurotic Jewish-American family.
From the day I burst out of my mother’s womb, I was a ‘highly-sensitive’ being. Despite years of twisting myself into pretzels, attempting to ‘succeed’, be selfless, pleasing and invisible all at the same time, I continuously flew in the face of personal and cultural conditioning.

While studying Transpersonal Psychology and Social Change At the University of Michigan, I expanded my world view and struggled for the rights of any potentially oppressed people I could get my hands on. At the University of Seville in my Junior Year, I met a tall, blonde, anarchistic (and considerably ‘woo woo’) Danish artist who turned my relatively conservative academic life upside down.

Instead of going down the expected care-taking Ph.D. track, I moved to Denmark to explore my artistic dreams and reclaim the creative muse within who had always existed, but was never prioritized.

(I had learned early on that to earn the right to exist, I had to find a way to serve others that could be intelligibly talked about at dinner parties!)

It was never my plan to stay in Denmark, but I did — for eight years (seven without the blonde! But that’s another story!).

No longer burdened by conventional “American” conditioning, I joyously followed my instincts and partook in a rich buffet of ‘alternative’ experiences.

As I shed the weight of cookie-cutter expectations, I discovered myself — and even managed to transcend a life-long pattern of sacrificing my needs and suppressing my light in order to protect the people I loved.

After an unbridled year of art making and exhibiting my work, I longed to reintegrate my love of embodied learning and artful service. So I trained and became certified as a breathworker, and then continued my education at the Institute for Art Therapy (where I met my wonderful husband, Kim).

By 1991, I was happily self-employed and the co-founder of the Center for Water Rebirthing in Copenhagen.

As my private practice evolved, I worked as a Jungian-inspired art therapist, creativity workshop facilitator, and supervisor/teacher for alternative healing professionals who longed to incorporate the wisdom of depth psychology into their work with clients. In response to the challenges and pitfalls I witnessed in alternative learning and healing communities, I wrote a book called Walking a Fine Line: Being Professional in the New Age.

In the mid 90′s, Kim’s hunger for adventure joined my growing desire to return ‘home’ as my empowered, authentic, culturally & spiritually liberated self.

So we sold our Danish home, packed our bags, and moved back to the States — settling close to the place where I grew up, in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.

Despite my great expectations, returning ‘home’ to the States was NO PICNIC!

I was surrounded by family and friends who loved me. But they had no clue about what I’d been doing all those years abroad, or how my experiences had changed me. And to my utter dismay, none of my European credentials or professional experience were recognized in the States.

If I wanted a life like the one I had in Denmark, I’d have to start ALL OVER.

As my new disturbing reality sunk in, and meaningful job search failed miserably, I began to panic.

Desperate for work, I accepted a job for which I was entirely unqualified, and which was located (don’t think I don’t get the irony here!) just across the hall from my father’s pediatric practice.

I became a…DENTAL ASSISTANT! (You read right!)

As the months — and years — passed, and I finally learned the difference between Bicuspids and Molars, memories from my liberated ‘past life’ drifted into the remote corners of my mind.

I’ll never forget the moment I was standing by a patient’s side. The woman looked up at me, dressed in my powder blue mask and smock, and in all sincerity asked, “So, Rosy, is your dream to become a dentist one day?”

That kind, innocent question ripped to shreds any last illusion I had that my life made sense.

When I got home, I had a total and complete melt down. My poor husband held me while I sobbed, and sobbed, and sobbed.

How could this have happened? I had spent the past 15 years on a path of uncompromisingly courageous course towards authenticity.

And here I was, living in an American suburb, holding a Spoon Excavator in my hand, completely unrecognizable to myself and everyone around me.

That night, I looked in the mirror, for a good long time. And then it hit me.

I had devolved! I had become Rosy the 17-year-old.

There she was, looking right back at me, still living close to her parents, feeling, thinking and doing all of the things that helped her survive her child/teenage-hood.

I was:

Sacrificing and ignoring my needs, wants and instincts for the sake of my relationships
Trying to please and win the approval of my parents
Buying into all of the materialistic, external-success-oriented values of mainstream US culture
Feeling like a freak and a failure
Saying ‘yes’ when I felt a ‘no’
Beating myself up (not to mention my body) with binge eating and brutal self-talk
Hiding my light
Mentally agonizing over every move I made
It was as if all of the personal growth work I had done had vanished the moment I set foot in the States. No matter how authentic and untethered I had felt abroad, I had no clue about how to sustain ‘True Self-hood’ in my home land.

Course Curriculum

StartReconciling the We with the Me (10:04)
StartWhat to Expect (7:46)
StartGet the Most Out of Your Experience (7:27)
StartFirst Invitation
See Yourself (heart of the flower)
StartSee Yourself (heart of the flower)
StartAn Intro and a Case for Creativity (7:44)
StartYour BALANCE FLOWER (A Blossoming Check-up) (6:15)
StartYour PASSION FLOWER (4:06)
Be Yourself (Petal 1)
StartBe Yourself (Petal 1)
StartWhy this Self-Love/Life-Purpose Thing is So Hard (5:55)
StartHave Compassion for Yourself (1:18)
StartThe Human Design System — An Introduction (10:52)
StartKeep a Kind Perspective… (1:45)
Love Yourself (Petal 2)
StartLove Yourself (Petal 2)
StartYour Unique HD Chart (Blossoming Bodygraph)
StartThe Scrumptious Science of Surrender (15:34)
StartYour Unique Kind of Flower (26:28)
StartThe Invitation
Observe the Flow (Petal 3)
StartObserve the Flow (Petal 3)
StartThe Blossoming Bodygraph (17:40)
StartThe Invitation (6:42)
Synthesize Your Parts (Petal 4)
StartSynthesize Your Parts (Petal 4)
StartNature AND Nurture (yup; it’s both!) (3:47)
StartThe Beauty — and Challenge — of OPENNESS! (3:01)
StartAre your Chakras BLOOMING? (22:44)
StartThe Invitation (23:38)
Support Your Life (Petal 5)
StartSupport Your Life (Petal 5)
StartYour Unique & Trust-Worthy Truth Compass! (59:12)
StartThe Invitation (2:19)
Open to Your Path (Petal 6)
StartOpen to Your Path (Petal 6)
StartYour Unique Role in the World (61:12)
StartThe Invitation (5:47)
Move Beyond the Map (Petal 7)
StartMove Beyond the Map (Petal 7)
StartWhat are the Gene Keys? (3:19)
StartThe Invitation
StartClosing (10:15)


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