Ron LeGrand – Wholesale Retail Bootcamp

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Ron LeGrand – Wholesale Retail Bootcamp

Ron LeGrand – Wholesale Retail Bootcamp

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This is a bootcamp conducted by Ron LeGrand back in 2002. It’s still an excellent course even for today’s market.

Ron will teach you how to find houses that you can wholesale to Rehabbers or Fix up your self and Retail!  Every Real Estate Investor should be doing some wholesale deals… they keep the business moving!!!  As long as you understand what you are looking for and how to properly wholesale a house, you needn’t have cash flow worries again!

Let the Real Estate GURU walk you through the right way to find ’em and sell ’em!

Ron LeGrand is perhaps one of the most famous real estate guru in United States. It has been said that he created more millionaires than anybody in history. Ron’s system and approach is easy to follow. His teaching is down to earth and easy to understand.


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