PrimalThrive – Testosterone Sleep Guide | Instant Download !

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PrimalThrive – Testosterone Sleep Guide | Instant Download !

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PrimalThrive – Testosterone Sleep Guide | Instant Download !

Good sleep is the foundation to good health and longevity. People who sleep 8 – 9 hours have less stress, are likely to be less sick and overall live longer. In other words sleep is the fountain of youth. 


One study showed that sleeping 5 hours a night for one week decreased testosterone levels with 10 to 15%.

This is only after one week sleep deprivation so imagine if you are chronically sleep deprived.

Besides sleep quantity, the hours of actual sleep, you also have quality of sleep which means how well your body is recovering at night. The thought that your meat-suit isn’t doing anything at night because you are not doing anything isn’t logical.


The truth: sleep is a very energy demanding event and by fueling your physiology together with proper sleep hygiene you can increase the quality of sleep which is something overlooked in the modern health community.

You will learn:

0 | Introduction

1 | Understanding Sleep & Sleep Cycles

2 | Building a Sleep Sanctuary

3 | Building a Sleep Routine

4 | Increasing Melatonin Naturally

5 | Increasing GABA Naturally

6 | Recovering from Coffee

7 | Dream Team Combo for Quality Sleep

8 | Sleep Do’s & Don’ts

9 | Glycine Dreams?

10 | Effective Sleep Supplements

11 | Elite Stress Reduction

12 | Improve Recovery

13 | Detox & Sleep

14 | Sleep Positions

15 | Unconventional Sleep Hacks



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