[Pre-Order] Wyckoffanalytics – High-Probability Wyckoff Trade Set-Ups

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Wyckoffanalytics – High-Probability Wyckoff Trade Set-Ups

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Wyckoffanalytics – High-Probability Wyckoff Trade Set-Ups



3 two-hour sessions

Please join veteran Wyckoff Method trader-educators Gary Fullett and Roman Bogomazov for three two-hour webinars on high-precision execution of Wyckoff trading strategies in today’s equities and futures markets.  This course will focus on practical applications of key Wyckoff set-ups and analytical principles, particularly Volume-Price Analysis (Wyckoff’s Law of Effort vs Result) in different time frames and market structural environments.

The ability to analyze Price and Volume – i.e., tape reading – is at the heart of the Wyckoff Method.  Accurately interpreting price-volume relationships is an essential skill – these metrics are LIVE and in REAL time and give you an up-to-the-minute picture of market activities; all other indicators are lagging.  Gary and Roman will demonstrate how proper application of these Wyckoff analytical techniques can be profitable even in current volatile markets, if you know where to look for opportunities at the edges.

Each of the videos has accompanying slides, which can be printed out to allow you to take notes on as you watch the presentations. You will have one full year from the date of purchase to view and review the videos.

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High-Probability Wyckoff Trade Set-Ups
And Volume-Price Analysis
High-Probability Wyckoff Trade Set-Ups


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