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Women on the Edge of Evolution Series

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Women on the Edge of Evolution Series

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Get Instant and Unlimited Access To Powerful Support Tools & Mentoring to Awaken Your Power to Create the Future of Your Life.

If you’re an awakening woman wanting to self-actualize in your relationships, creativity, spirituality and more—whether you’re an entrepreneur (or aspiring to be one!) or a coach, leader, facilitator, or change agent—we’ve created this offer *especially* to support you to make this your year of greatness.

Just ONE idea or blast of inspiration from the world’s leading women can support you to have 10-times the impact, influence, growth and transformation.

One thing I know for sure is this: the opportunity for you to have greater success and impact, express your creativity, experience deep intimacy, and meaningfully contribute—is WAY bigger than you can imagine.

By listening to the 23 seminars in the Women on the Edge of Evolution Series, you’re going to discover the unprecedented opportunities available to women right now to experience a greater level of success, in each and every area of your life.

You’ll get the crucial support you need to break through limiting beliefs, overcome your fears, and open yourself up to those new opportunities.

You’ll receive leading-edge information combined with inspiration on a variety of topics… everything from how to make a living in ways that align with your values, to overcoming the self-doubt and insecurity that can stop you from moving forward, to creating thriving relationships while living a big mission…

And you’ll discover what it means to be a woman on the edge of evolution, and how your full self-actualization is critical for the future of our world.

I’m Dr. Claire Zammit, founder and leader of the Feminine Power programs, which have helped more than 500,000 women awaken the power they hold within them.

And I’m honored to have the chance to help you awaken yours!

To your highest destiny,

Claire Zammit, Ph. D.
Founder, Feminine Power

Creating a Life of Purpose, Love,
Impact, and Prosperity Will Be the Most
Significant Thing That Ever Happens to You

The journey to get from where you are to where you want to be can be uncertain and challenging, and can feel incredibly isolating.

That’s why I’ve sought out the women thought-leaders, change-agents and artists who really do have the answers. With each audio you’ll be mentored and guided by many of my personal heroes, friends and colleagues—women who have blazed a trail for all of us by stepping into their power, developing their gifts and creating authentic success on their own terms.

Now they want to show you how you can do the same!

These women have been exactly where you are, and they’re waiting to link arms with you and sharing the tools and keys they know work to support you to step out of the shadows and into your brilliance, so you can experience the authentic success, love, power, creativity and impact you were born for!

The Women on the Edge of Evolution Series will help you make small, yet powerful shifts in those core areas that will move you from doubting your ability to change your life to stepping fully into your dreams and radiating possibility to everyone around you.

You’ll emerge from Women on the Edge of Evolution with everything you need to manifest your greatest potentials, including being able to:

  • Say “YES” to playing your biggest game
  • Be the creator of your own life, not a victim of your circumstances
  • Commit to be loving and kind to yourself through tough times, knowing the best is yet to come
  • Have the power to create thriving relationships
  • Make choices and take action knowing that there is a deeper purpose for your life and the universe is organizing around your success

And you can experience the entire amazing series—23 seminars—from the comfort of your very own home.

Here’s what some of our past participants have said about this amazing series . . .

“I have listened since the first day and I am blown away. I have taken notes, cried and laughed, feeling the sense of belonging to such a huge tribe of evolving women. THANK YOU, this is the best gift I have ever received.”

“Okay, I claim it. I am a woman on the edge of evolution. This series of amazing women speakers has sealed the deal for me. Words truly cannot express my gratitude for all of your inspiration, wisdom, practical advice, tools, authenticity and encouragement.”


Get the Most Out of This Extraordinary Series with
Instant and Unlimited Access to Every Conference Audio

Get started right now with instant and unlimited access to all of the seminars from the Women on the Edge of Evolution Series.

There’s never been a better time to step into the power and possibility ahead for your life.

You deserve to have a life filled with meaning, purpose, and prosperity and I promise… it’s waiting for you.


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