[Pre-Order] William Bronchick – State-Specific Contracts

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William Bronchick – State-Specific Contracts

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William Bronchick – State-Specific Contracts


State-Specific Real Estate Contracts & Forms

Order state-specific contracts and form templates tailored specifically for your home state.

Available Forms Include: Wholesaling, Subject-to, Lease/Options, Foreclosure Purchase, Notes & Mortgages/Trust Deed, and Installment Land Contracts. 

Special discount pricing if you already purchased a course on the topic from us!

What’s the Cost, Bill?

When I represent a client in a real estate transaction, I generally charge $800 – $1,200 to draft ONE contract.*  I’ve been told my pricing is on the inexpensive side for that.

For the blank, state-specific template you need, the pricing is just $200.00 per form or $150.00 if the generic form exists in a course you have previously purchased from us.  That’s a BARGAIN!

Please specify how many forms you desire (choose the quantity in the checkout), and which forms you need in the checkout notes. Also, please specify whether you want a pro-seller or pro-buyer version of the forms.

If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact us by clicking on the “Contact” link at the bottom of this page.



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