[Pre-Order] William Bronchick – Power Real Estate Negotiating

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William Bronchick – Power Real Estate Negotiating

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William Bronchick – Power Real Estate Negotiating


Dear Investor,

Have you ever had a motivated seller in the palm of your hand and they just backed out on you?  Maybe it was something you said – or didn’t say!

Of all the skills you need as a real estate investor, NEGOTIATING is probably the most important.  You don’t make the most money by swinging a hammer, you make it by FLAPPING YOUR LIPS.

In William Bronchick’s “POWER REAL ESTATE NEGOTIATING” course,  you will learn:

  • How to gain instant rapport with any seller
  • How to read a person’s personality style
  • How to communicate effectively without talking
  • Where to meet with the seller
  • Where to sit – the answer might surprise you!
  • How to overcome objections
  • Understanding NLP strategies – simple and easy
  • How to deal with real estate brokers
  • How to leave the RIGHT message on an answering machine

And much, much  more!

Just ONE technique you learn in this program will pay for itself MANY times over.


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