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Why Neuroscience Matters

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Why Neuroscience Matters

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We’ve all been dazzled by the findings of neuroscience and the brain’s capacity to re-wire itself and grow new neural pathways. But for many of us, the question remains—How do I use these findings to help my clients in concrete and practical ways?

To answer your questions about practical applications of brain science, we invited leading brain science experts to be part of our online video course—Why Neuroscience Matters

This series is designed to enhance your clinical skills, speed up healing, and transform your clients’ lives by translating complex concepts like neuroplasticity and brain integration into real world therapeutic procedures. It covers:

  • The “how-to’s” of using brain-based therapies for moving clients through trauma, anxiety, and depression more fully and quickly than ever
  • Steps for assessing clients’ brain integration, setting therapeutic goals, and conducting sessions based on brain science insights
  • Clinical strategies that harness the brain’s ability to rewire itself
  • Principles for identifying a client’s “sweet spot” for effective learning, retention, and lasting change
  • Gender-based brain differences and which approaches work best with men and women


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