[Pre-Order] Various – Fingerstyle Guitar: New Dimensions & Explorations: Volume One

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Various – Fingerstyle Guitar: New Dimensions & Explorations: Volume One

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Various – Fingerstyle Guitar: New Dimensions & Explorations: Volume One



Featuring: Steve Howe, Adrian Legg, John Fahey, Bert Jansch, Jorma Kaukonen, Will Ackerman, John Renbourn, Stefan Grossman, Larry Coryell, Martin Simpson, Bob Brozman, Duck Baker, Brad Jones, Pat Donohue and others.
“This three DVD set features new and archival footage of performances by the preeminent names in steel-string fingerstyle guitar. Beginning with Peter Finger’s breathtaking ‘A Trip Through The Pyrenees’, the collection boasts some real gems: a rare late 1960s clip of Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady – a.k.a. Hot Tuna doing ‘Hesitation Blues’, Bert Jansch delivering a soulful version of ‘One For Jo’, John Fahey crooning while plucking a Gibson L-00 on a plaintive ‘Poor Boy’ and Adrian Legg at his peg-twisting best on ‘Midwest Sunday’… It’s a wonder seeing these greats do what they do up close without those often clumsy instructional asides, and without getting a lot of smoke in your face. A real treat.”
Guitar Player
The “folk boom” which exploded in the wake of the Kingston Trio’s 1958 hit, Tom Dooley, produced some surprising fallout. Acoustic guitar sales suddenly skyrocketed and a new generation of players quickly sized up the instrument’s potential. It proved to be astonishing, once the secrets of fingerstyle guitar unfolded before the instrument’s future masters. The performances in this DVD series present two generations of artists who have advanced the acoustic guitar’s cause with formidable boldness. We clearly hear their folk, blues, and country roots even as they develop other distinctly personal harmonic and melodic pathways. Bonus material is included on each volume.
Volume 1 includes: Peter Finger: A Trip Through The Pyrenees · Bert Jansch: One For Jo, Black Waterside · Adrian Legg: Cajun Interlude, Midwest Sunday · Jorma Kaukonen: Man’s Fate, Hesitation Blues · Brad Jones: Wild Turkey, Live At Five · John Fahey: Poor Boy, In Christ There Is No East Or West, Red Pony · Preston Reed: Slap Funk · Woody Mann: Lennie’s Lament · Will Ackerman: A Bricklayer’s Beautiful Daughter BONUS INSTRUCTIONAL TRACKS: Buster B. Jones: Sitting On Top Of The World John Fahey: Some Summer Day.


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