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Todd Mitchell – ETF Trading Mastery

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Todd Mitchell – ETF Trading Mastery

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So here’s what you receive with this special bonus…

You get exact entry and exits for trades…

End of day trade alerts so you can set up your orders before the market opens….

And, because there are never more than 3 positions at any one time, there is very little management required.

Now, I can’t take credit for this added benefit.

I already explained my original reason for including the strategy in the training.

This earn-while-you-learn “glitch” was discovered by early implementer’s whose eagerness literally paid off…

And now it’s continued for hundreds of students who followed the same path.

Fear over the time it takes to make money is often the biggest hurdle that stops traders from learning a new strategy.

They’re afraid of blowing their bank account through trial and error.

ETF Trading Mastery ​Ensures ​You ​Have ​Access ​To ​Highly ​P​robability ​Trades ​From Day 1!

What ​Other ​Training ​Gives ​You ​This ​Opportunity?

And there’s more.

You heard earlier how I’m not a fan of fancy indicators because I believe you need to know how and why price moves.

But sometimes, it’s easy to overlook an opportunity. So I developed a special software to ensure you don’t miss a trade setup again.

You’ll love how the software programs what you already know into the charts. It acts as a checks-and-balances system.

You’ll never have an excuse for why you missed a trading opportunity.

I developed the software for TradeStation, Ninja Trader, and Trade Navigator. If there are 12 or more traders on another platform, I’ll even consider having another program developed just for you.

The software is color coded to make analysis easy. Let me show you…

Your lifetime access to this software shows trends and power action zones for highly probable entries and exits.

Please remember, this software is NOT required to successfully trade my methodology. It’s simply a visual aid for what you learn in the course.

So let me make you a deal…

Join ETF Trading Mastery today and I’ll let you try out everything…

The videos and printed modules… the live webinars…the ​Unlimited, ​Lifetime ​Coaching from me… the weekly videos… the regular updates… the earn-while-you-learn ​BONUS… and ​MUCH more…


1-Year, 100% Performance Guarantee PLUS an Extra $500

Apply the ETF Trading Mastery trading strategies, techniques, and methodologies exactly as I lay them out for you… If you do this for an entire year and still haven’t made money, simply send my support team a note at the end of the year with proof that you applied these strategies, and I’ll not only refund your purchase price 100%… I’ll give you an ​Extra $500 just for putting your faith in me!

So either way, if you take this course seriously, you’ll come out ahead.

But remember, to take advantage of my guarantee, you must actually use the material and show me trading statements that verify you took the course seriously.

You can’t just toss the training aside like your old baseball cards or comic books and then tell me it didn’t work. 

Listen, I’m not just trying to get your attention – I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Imagine trying to get all the skills… the expert feedback… the coaching… the motivation… and all of the essential elements in place to successfully trade ETF’s on your own.

The cost would be tens of thousands of dollars (heck, I charge $1,000 an hour just for consulting – and have a 6-month waiting list).

And we haven’t even considered all the time involved with searching out mentors and material…

So, at just $1,997 (or easily monthly payments), you now have the chance to get the outcome you desire faster and cheaper than you otherwise would…

Again, I have pulled out all the stops to help make you a successful ETF trade​r.

If you’re serious about trading for consistent profits, I’ll be here to help you master the skills whenever you need me.

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