[Pre Order] The Visual System in Children with Neurological Disorders

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The Visual System in Children with Neurological Disorders

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The Visual System in Children with Neurological Disorders

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Are you struggling to effectively treat your young client who is experiencing poor academic performance, impaired motor control or a variety of unexplained symptoms that just don’t make sense?

I once had a young client who was having some of the same difficulties – poor academic performance, headaches and years of being told that she “just wasn’t working hard enough” and that “she needed to step up her game.” All of this was creating self-esteem issues, behavioral problems and frustration, among many other things.

In 20 seconds I was able to perform a simple test and found out that she couldn’t see up close, which allowed me to get her on the right path to treat the condition.

Within 5 weeks, she received a report card with no D’s or F’s. She was smiling, joking and finally seemed like a kid again.

Her visual impairment was causing a cascade of other issues – and 20 seconds was all it took to make a world of difference in her life.

When you see kids that are doing everything they’re supposed to do and it just doesn’t make sense, they could very likely have a vision problem.

I want to invite you to join me in this brand-new online course, The Visual System in Children with Neurological Disorders, where you’ll discover how to correct common visual problems that limit progress in your young clients.

This comprehensive online course also includes two complimentary BONUS sessions that will take your treatment to the next level by incorporating groundbreaking neuroplasticity techniques to rewire the brain and dive deep into some of the most common conditions of the visual system, like dyslexia.

Assessing & Treating the Visual System in Children and Adolescents

Our vision is one of the main senses that allow us to interact with and explore the world around us, so when it’s compromised, it can drastically hinder our capabilities to live independently, function and lead successful lives.

If you have visual problems as a child, it’s even worse.

Visual conditions are often the undiagnosed cause of a variety of impairments, and for children with conditions such as autism, neurological disorders or ADHD, it can severely limit their progress and their potential.

This breakout training will guide you through the complex visual system, reveal common problems when it’s compromised, and show you how to successfully assess and treat the young client in your care. Discover:

  • The anatomy of the visual system, including muscles of the eye, visual pathways and Orbit, along with how the visual pathways affect balance and posture, so you can understand the complexity causing your client’s condition.
  • How to assess and treat –
    • Common eye movements, such as tracking, saccades, convergence, The Near Vision System and much more
    • Pathological eye movements, such as nystagmus, suppression, strabismus, anisometropia, amblyopia, convergence insufficiency, accommodative problems and many others.
  • How to treat conditions associated with decreased eye movement accuracy, including neurological conditions, ADHD, and dyslexia.
  • Mid-level visual processes, including visual motor integration tips, processing disorder and perceptual deficits.
  • Coding tips and goals for eye movement rehab.
  • How you can start your vision rehabilitation program, including equipment sources, high tech vs. DIY equipment and helpful resources for more information.


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