[Pre Order] Sura Kim – Meditation for Practitioners

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Sura Kim – Meditation for Practitioners

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Sura Kim – Meditation for Practitioners

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Do you work in the health industry?

Would you like to learn simple meditation tools to offer your clients & patients?

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to start your own meditation practice while providing simple tools for your patients & clients to take home and practice.

  • How to start a consistent meditation practice in just 10 minutes a day.

  • Tools to help you guide meditations for your clients in as little as 60 seconds.

  • Practices that energize, motivate and bring clarity to yourself and your clients.

    Clarity . Focus . Calm

    Meditation is an ancient practice, yet today we live in a modern world filled with technology and information. How can we create a meditation practice that we can realistically sustain and invite into our everyday life? How can I contain my own energy and not take stress and energy on from others?

    This course will provide you with clear guidance and practical tools that will empower you to live with greater ease, focus and inner-balance.

    What You’ll Receive

    • Guided Meditations

      Meditations to help you release stress and cultivate more energy and balance.

    • Video Lessons

      Three 30-45 minute guided video lessons that can be streamed on any device.

    • Meditation Tools

      Coaching, tips and energy management tools from Sura, Meditation Coach and Trainer.


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