[Pre Order] Sura Kim – Meditation for Deep Healing

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Sura Kim – Meditation for Deep Healing

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Sura Kim – Meditation for Deep Healing

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I began practicing meditation while working in the investment world of Wall Street because I was constantly stressed.

I felt empty and unfulfilled. Meditation changed my mindset and way of life so profoundly that I left New York to study meditation in Asia. For over a decade, I have been sharing meditation with others and training professionals around the globe. With extensive experience in both the spiritual and business world, I understand the demands of daily life and how to guide you practically in cultivating calm and resilience. I look forward to sharing this course with you!

Meditation for Deep Healing

Learn how to skillfully apply the practice of meditation to chronic stress, pain & illness.

Relax, Restore & Build Resilience

Designed for Health Professionals & people who are struggling with chronic stress, pain & illness.

  • Receive meditation techniques and healing tools to cultivate inner-calm, peace & health.

  • Learn how to apply meditation to any health condition or physical challenge.

  • Receive clarity, more energy and inner-balance from your personal practice.

    Science shows that meditation benefits you

    In the following ways:

    • Decreases stress, fear, loneliness & depression.

    • Improves resilience against pain & illness.

    • Improves breathing, immune system & energy levels.


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