[Pre Order] Sura Kim – Energy Healing Techniques for Beginners

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Sura Kim – Energy Healing Techniques for Beginners

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Sura Kim – Energy Healing Techniques for Beginners

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This course is wonderful for people who:

  • Want to further develop their meditation practice by developing an awareness of energy

  • Are interested in the nature of healing and spiritual arts

  • Work with others in the areas of health, healing and service

    What You’ll Learn

    If there are parts of your life that you want to transform, it’s important to understand energy. Everything is energy. Once you understand this essential aspect, it becomes easier to change parts of your life that need energy.

    In this course, you’ll learn how to harness and cultivate energy. Meditative practices can help you tap into your creative life force energy and raise your consciousness. Mindfulness coupled with energy healing techniques can help you tap into the power of your creative life force energy. You will learn how to utilize your energy for healing, manifestation, and transformation.

    In this unique course, you’ll learn techniques to raise the energy in all parts of your life. You’ll also receive meditation coaching (the combination of meditation and coaching) to jumpstart real, sustainable changes. You can apply these tools to any part of your life; your work, your relationships, even your body weight and shape.

What You’ll Receive

  • Video Lessons

    3 hours of video content with detailed slides and full video transcripts.

  • Energy Healing Practices

    Guided meditations and energy healing practices that will help you freshen and uplift the energy in your life.

  • Worksheets

    Worksheets with reflective questions and hands-on exercises to help you integrate the teachings from each module.


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