[Pre Order] Smart Real Estate Coach – The 31-Day Money Makeover

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Smart Real Estate Coach – The 31-Day Money Makeover.

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Smart Real Estate Coach – The 31-Day Money Makeover

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Adapted from his 1-on-1 coaching program, these 31 lessons from V. John Alexandrov (author of “Affirmations of Wealth”) are a perfect road towards attaining financial freedom.

Course curriculum
1 The 31-Day Money Makeover
31 Day Course Booklet

INTRO: The 31-Day Money Makeover

DAY 01: The Cornerstones of Money

DAY 02: The 5 People You Spend Time With

DAY 03: My “Money Story” is…

DAY 04: Affirmations and Money Games

DAY 05: All Wealth is a Creation of the Mind

DAY 06: What is Financial Freedom to You?

DAY 07: The 3 Segments of Your Mind

DAY 08: A Place That Symbolizes Wealth

DAY 09: Earning Money

DAY 10: Saving Money

DAY 11: Spending Money

DAY 12: Investing Your Money

DAY 13: What You Love To Do

DAY 14: The 4 (or 5) Account System

DAY 15: Large Purchases Account

DAY 16: Annual Income Account

DAY 17: Investments Account

DAY 18: Reviewing and Setting Up Your Accounts

DAY 19: Researching Your Investments

DAY 20: Total Your Debts

DAY 21: The Shoebox Game

DAY 22: Spend Less & Invest The Difference

DAY 23: The Credit Card Game

DAY 24: The Accepting Money Game

DAY 25: The Bank Can’t Save You

DAY 26: Negotiating Purchases

DAY 27: Setting A Price For Your Services

DAY 28: How Can I _________ Better?

DAY 29: Are You Funding?

DAY 30: Affirmations Review

DAY 31: Course Summary

Fix That Creditor Nightmare


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