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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Comprehensive Online Course

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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Comprehensive Online Course

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Imagine if your clients could practice unconditional self acceptance?

You may think that’s impossible…and before I was introduced to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), I may have thought the same.

But years ago, I had the profound honor to study with the founder of REBT, Dr. Albert Ellis, falling in love with the practice and the man. As partners, we worked together and discovered how REBT could help our clients for the rest of their lives — unlike any other therapy.

I’m excited to share this clinical approach with you in my online Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Online Course — an exclusive training that will prepare you to apply REBT in your clinical practice in dozens of different ways to build a whole new level of understanding of self for your clients.

I’ve put together this training to dive into:

  • Why the holistic and philosophical nature of the evidence-based REBT approach is so beneficial and effective for clients
  • Powerful and proven cognitive, emotive-evocative, and behavioral techniques and methods in REBT
  • How to apply REBT for anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, rage, OCD, PTSD, addiction and more
  • Actual demonstrations of REBT techniques and methods to see the approach in action

And so much more! (I’ll even walk you through the secret of success with REBT.)

Life inevitably contains suffering, but by thinking in healthy ways, overcoming adversities and accepting that which we can’t change, we can minimize suffering and maximize joy in our clients’ lives — and REBT is the most holistic, compassionate and empowering psychotherapy to help our clients do that. Even if you utilize other modalities in your practice, it’s my hope that you’ll add the powerful REBT approach to your clinical tool set and also embrace it in your own life.

I hope you join me,
Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis

Here’s what you’ll learn in this 
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) Course:
Join Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis for this comprehensive training and learn why REBT is the most holistic, compassionate and empowering psychotherapy  and how it can transform your client outcomes…

Developed by world-renowned psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis, REBT is the pioneering form of cognitive behavior therapy. Ellis’ REBT approach helps clients challenge their irrational thinking and develop new healthy thinking habits to overcome adversity and manage emotional, psychological and behavioral distress.

Why REBT is a World-Renowned Treatment Option
In this first section, Dr. Joffe Ellis will walk step-by-step through the basic tenets of REBT, including the foundational premise of unconditional acceptance of oneself, others and life that makes REBT profoundly different than any other treatments. You’ll discover the holistic and philosophical nature of REBT, including some of the mindfulness and spirituality behind this treatment modality that leads to acceptance, gratitude, compassion and empathy.

Topics include:

  • Healthy and unhealthy versions of thinking and emotions
  • The effects of high and low tolerance when it comes to frustration 
  • Dr. Albert Ellis’ ABC self-help tool
  • The secret to REBT success in clinical practice
  • How to use vigorous REBT disputing techniques throughout the therapy process
  • And much more…
How to Practically Apply REBT
In this section, you’ll learn the methods and techniques that can incorporate thoughts, emotions and behaviors for nearly every client type in various settings. Dr. Joffe Ellis uses in-depth demonstrations, not just role-play, to show you how to incorporate REBT methods in therapy sessions from start to finish, not just in therapy exercises. You’ll learn specific application for conditions including depression, anxiety, rage, shame/guilt, addictive behaviors, OCD, PTSD and many others.

Key takeaways include:

  • Cognitive Techniques
    Gain a variety of effective techniques including the ABCDE method and framework for examining and breaking down internal processes to gain back control. You’ll also learn cognitive techniques that help you model certain behaviors as the therapist, distraction methods for when the client gets off track, tools to assess the cost-benefit ratio, and powerful mindfulness strategies.
  • Emotive-Evocative Techniques
    Emotion-based techniques, including humor and gratitude, can be extremely effective in session. Dr. Joffe Ellis will show you how thinking in overly irrational ways can cause us to blow things out of proportion; speak in “never”, “should” and “always” terms; catastrophize situations; and lose our sense of humor. Using context and appropriate timing, you can reintroduce humor and gratitude that can provide perspective in difficult circumstance.

    You will also learn how to use imagery, role-play and coping statements with clients to dispute and help them understand the emotional foundation to certain beliefs and reactions. Shame-attacking exercises are also included in this truly non-judgmental approach to therapy.

  • Behavioral Techniques
    Your clients make mistakes and that’s okay. Using certain behavioral techniques, including the relapse prevention and reinforcement techniques that you’ll learn in this session will help your clients becoming aware of and have the ability to change their behavior in the future.

    You will learn how to apply in-vivo desensitization to reduce the fear associated with certain triggers, especially concerning anxiety, and increase your skill level through each demonstration Dr. Joffe Ellis walks you through. Dr. Joffe Ellis doesn’t just use role-playing to show you how to apply it practically…the live demonstrations of REBT techniques are some of the top reasons you’ll love this training!

How to Become an Effective REBT Therapist & Myth Busting
You’re probably all too familiar with the toll therapy can take on you, but for you to be effective in REBT, it’s imperative that you are able to properly care for yourself and recalibrate between sessions. Dr. Joffe Ellis will show you self-care techniques that she uses and the importance of practicing self care, so you don’t get burned out or overextend yourself.
A Unique Bonus Including Rare Footage of Albert Ellis, PhD
Learn about REBT unlike anywhere else in the world with this online training! Not only are you learning from the world’s leading expert in REBT, but when you enroll you also get a behind-the-scenes look at REBT in action. Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis shares rare footage of Dr. Albert Ellis, a REBT counseling session, and hands-on exercises to practice the ABCDE method. You also get a discussion and Q&A session with clinicians like you.


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