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PTC Team – Become A Personal Trainer

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PTC Team – Become A Personal Trainer


A perfect blend of online studying, live group tutoring sessions and in-person practical weekends

Our Level 2 and 3 courses are internationally recognised, allowing you to work around the world

A PTC exclusive course made up of the 7 core components that you will need to succeed as a Personal Trainer

Our support is tailored to you and the medium you prefer – email, phone calls, texts with tutors and our support team
Become A Personal Trainer Course (UK only)

Blended Learning
Qualify as a Personal Trainer and launch your PT career. Becoming A Personal Trainer includes Level 2 & Level 3 of your Nationally Recognised Qualifications (endorsed by Active IQ), plus our flagship PT Core course. Get professional training, nutrition and coaching knowledge with crucial business skills. (UK assessments required)

COVID-19 Update:
Coursework + theory exams are unaffected by COVID-19.
Practical assessments have been resumed, they are subject to COVID-19 rules and regulations and may change.
Assessment Locations: London, Manchester, Brimingham Glasgow
Proposed Upcoming Dates:

Due to COVID-19 we are releasing dates to students with a 1-2 month notice period.
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Qualification outline

Level 2 certificate in Fitness Instructing
Principles of anatomy, physiology and fitness
Skeletal system
Neuromuscular system
Cardiovascular and respiratory systems
Energy systems
Digestive system
Health and well-being
Components of fitness and special populations
Professionalism and customer care for fitness instructors
Legal and professional requirements for gym instructors
Customer care excellence
Customer care – dealing with complaints and difficult customers
Personal and professional development
Health and safety in the fitness environment
Rights and responsibilities for health and safety
Hazards and risks
Normal and emergency operating procedures
Cleaning and COSHH
Conducting client consultations to support positive behaviour change
Collecting client information
Health-related measurements and fitness testing
Positive behaviour change
Goal-setting and review
Healthy lifestyle
Planning and instructing gym-based exercise
Planning gym-based exercise
Preparation and monitoring intensity
Instructing skills

Level 3 diploma in Personal Training
Applied anatomy and physiology for exercise, health and fitness
The cardiovascular system
The skeletal system
The myofascial system
The nervous system
The endocrine system
Energy systems
Digestive system
The principles of nutrition and their application to exercise and health
Introduction to nutrition and risks of poor nutrition
Water and hydration
Nutrients for fuel
Weight management and muscle gain
Nutrition for endurance events
Nutrition for specific client groups and medical conditions
Analysing a client’s dietary habits
Understanding lifestyle, health, wellbeing and common medical conditions
Biological, behavioural, psychological and social components of health and wellbeing
The effect of lifestyle on health- part 1
The effect of lifestyle on health- part 2
Successful lifestyle change
The impacts of common medical conditions on health- Hypertension
The impacts of common medical conditions on health- Obesity
The impacts of common medical conditions on health- Cardiorespiratory
The impacts of common medical conditions on health- Stress
Risk stratification
Encouraging positive health and fitness behaviours in clients
Importance of effective communication and effective communication techniques
Behaviour change techniques and creating a positive environment
Collecting and interpreting meaningful client data
Programme design and delivery for personal training
The principles of programme design
Periodisation of programming
Alternative environments and group personal training sessions
Personal Training for pre and postnatal women and older adults
Professionalism and business acumen for personal trainers
Understanding the legal and professional requirements for personal training
Understanding health and safety in the workplace
Understand the requirements of a self-employed individual
The management of personal information and records
Understand marketing techniques and tactics (1)
Understand marketing techniques and tactics (2)
Understand marketing techniques and tactics (3)
Understand how to close a sale
Setting budgets and managing finances
Using IT applications in business
Continuing professional development (CPD)

PT core course
Practical applications of Personal Training
Selecting the right nutrition approach
Nutrition programming for fat loss & muscle gain
Dietary supplements
Mastering the client consultation
Breaking down barriers, setting goals & focusing on the process
Understand the relationship between metabolism and bodyweight change
Upper body progressions & pregressions
Lower body progressions & pregressions
Mastering the basics of programme design
Programming for your typical gym users, in a gym setting
Programming for your special populations- the newbie, elderly & previously injured clients
Programming for small group/semi private training
Energy systems training
Programme considerations for endurance events
Client adherence strategies & creating a community
Marketing for Personal trainers
Building a brand & knowing your avatar
Client acquisition- gym floor & offline marketing strategies
How to use social media & build a content strategy
Online marketing strategies
Setting up efficient online coaching systems
Planning for long term success in the fitness industry
Accounting & Insurance for Personal trainers
Accounting for personal trainers
Insurance for personal trainers


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