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Paul Chek – Your Body NEVER Lies!

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Paul Chek – Your Body NEVER Lies!

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In ‘Your Body NEVER Lies’, Holistic Health Practitioner Paul Chek addresses the growing problem of Carbohydrate Addiction.

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Controlling food cravings can be an unmanageable nightmare and it seems the more carbs you eat the more that they drive an insatiable hunger.

Do you eat foods that are harmful to you – like sugary treats, chips, pretzels or popcorn? Or how about that extra serving of rice or potatoes?

“But it tastes sooooo good! I’ll just have one… or two…

If so, you’re not alone – As many as 75% of those who are overweight, and many average-weight individuals as well, are carbohydrate addicted.

  • Are you someone who “knows” what you “should” be eating but are feeling out of control about your choices?
  • Are you someone who “rewards” yourself for eating right for your Primal Pattern® Type?
  • Do you have guilty feelings about your food choices?
  • Are you gaining weight despite your “will-power”?
  • Do you want a solid solution to your binge eating?

That’s why Paul has put together this special audio program to address this serious epidemic.

And make no mistake, carbohydrate addiction is serious.

Physically – it can lead to obesity, Type II Diabetes, and hypertension

Mentally – overeating carbohydrates dulls thought processes and inhibits clear thinking

Emotionally – carb addiction often goes hand-in-hand with guilt, shame, depression, and anxiety

Paul feels so strongly about this that he wants to help you become FREE of that endless cravings cycle – it’s an addiction!

That’s why he’s offering you his solution through his groundbreakingYour Body NEVER Lies! audio program.

When you listen to this audio program, you’ll receive nearly 2 hours of targeted coaching to:

  • Learn the role that the body, mind and feelings play in hunger and cravings
  • Recognize why carbohydrate cravings are a symptom of protein deficiency
  • Discover what key hormonal interactions dictate carbohydrate needs
  • Make the connection between Dr. Diet and Primal Pattern® Eating
  • Create a dream connection for lasting change

This audio program is all about reconnecting your desire for change with the willpower to motivate that change.

In over 26 years of clinical experience, Paul has helped hundreds of clients nourish healthy relationships with their body, mind, and food. He will do the same for you in his Your Body NEVER Lies! audio program.

This audio program consists of the recording from Paul’s live, Your Body NEVER Lies: Overcoming Carbohydrate Addiction webinar.


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