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Paul Chek – Swiss Ball Training

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Paul Chek – Swiss Ball Training

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Developed by Paul Chek, the pioneer of Swiss Ball training for athletes, this course will teach you how to use this excellent tool to improve balance, posture and dynamic strength, plus train righting and tilting reactions. Used in rehabilitation since the 1960’s, Swiss balls are now becoming popular in training environments. There are literally hundreds of uses beyond performing a crunch over the ball! However, as with any training tool correct usage is essential to achieve the results you are seeking. In this comprehensive, highly practical course the personal trainer, athlete, athletic trainer and/or strength coach will learn:

  • The science behind the application of Swiss balls.
  • How to choose the correct size of Swiss ball for optimum training.
  • Stretching techniques
  • Beginner to advanced level exercises for the upper and lower back, abdominals, shoulder girdle, gluteals, hip musculature and lower limbs are included. The exercises cover the entire spectrum of intensity and complexity from the novice exerciser to those appropriate for elite athletes.
  • Well explained precautions for orthopedic conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grade required to pass?

The passing grade for all correspondence courses is 80%. A Certificate of Completion with CECs and CEUs will be sent once you have successfully passed the test.

How long will it take to complete?

CHEK Institute recommendation – 10 hours

This is dependent on the person taking the course and the reasons they are taking it. Some people only needing Continuing Education Credits will watch the DVDs once through and successfully pass the test. Other people who are more interested in learning the information or are interested in taking it as a prerequisite for Level 1 of the C.H.E.K Practitioner Program will sometimes watch the DVDs 2-3 times through. Given that there are over 2 hours of program in this course, it will take at least this long to complete. All this being said, we recommend that people spend 10 hours studying the course materials and practicing the exercises before taking the test. We generally recommend that students who are preparing for CHEK Practitioner Program Level 2 take about one month to study this course, especially if they are working full time.

I’ve used a Swiss ball before. Will I learn anything new from this course?

Regardless of the amount of knowledge you have about Swiss balls and their role in exercise, it is highly likely you will learn much more than you previously knew. If you are unfamiliar with Paul Chek’s Swiss ball exercises, they are far more innovative and challenging than many of the exercises you may see people performing in a gym. Additionally, two of the tapes include an instructional section where Paul leads the viewer through the do’s and don’ts of his Swiss ball exercises. These sections alone are worth the cost of the course in that they are valuable instructional tools teaching the viewer proper exercise technique for even a seasoned Swiss ball user.


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