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Pain Management – Dr. Paul Langlois

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Pain Management – Dr. Paul Langlois

Pain is the most common memory patients have when asked about their hospital stay. Help ease their pain and they will be forever grateful. Fail to ease their pain and you will likely hear about it from their family, your supervisor and the score on the survey! You may not be able to give any more medication so now what? In this program, you’ll learn new pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic strategies to manage pain, agitation and delirium. Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen your skills and improve the care you provide.

  1. Select three barriers of effective pain management.
  2. Develop a nursing care plan for the patient receiving opioid pain medication.
  3. Individualize nursing interventions based on the patient’s reported level of pain.
  4. Prescribe opioid medications and opioid antagonists based on current recommendations.

  • Pain Management
    • Opioid Receptors
    • Opioid Medications
    • Non-opioid Methods for Managing Pain
  • Agitation
    • Medications for Management
    • Non-medication Methods for Promoting Sedation
  • Delirium
    • Subtypes
    • Strategies for Minimizing the Incidence

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