[Pre Order] Optimal Aging Mastery Course Evidence-Based Interventions for Older Adults

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Optimal Aging Mastery Course Evidence-Based Interventions for Older Adults

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Optimal Aging Mastery Course Evidence-Based Interventions for Older Adults

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Finding the right rehab plan for your older clients can be difficult! You need to integrate effective strategies that meet their needs without jeopardizing any other limitations they may have, all while trying to keep their interest to ensure the take home exercises are being done.

That’s why we’ve partnered with international geriatric expert and innovator in optimal aging, Carole Lewis, PT, DPT, GCS, GTC, MPA, MSG, PhD, FSOAE, FAPTA, to bring you this comprehensive mastery course to step you through how to discern your clients’ physical deficits and strengths to help them age successfully.

You’ll walk away with evidence-based exercises to evaluate the key aspects of fitness central to optimal aging and learn to develop individualized treatment plans for each of your clients’ unique needs:

  • The AFIT (Adult Functional Independence Test) – supported by research that includes predictive analysis and national norms
  • Over 30 exercises for posture, flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance
  • Evidence-based practice, standardized tests, clinical reasoning, goal setting and documentation
  • First-hand demonstrations and client case studies
  • And so much more!

Keeping up with new information and new treatment options can feel like a full-time job, which is why we will narrow it down for you, step you through the latest treatment research for older adults, and break it down into the most clinically relevant options for physical and occupational therapists.

With AFIT becoming the go-to assessment standard, Dr. Carole Lewis gives you the tools you need to help this growing population of baby-boomers prevent additional injuries, minimize discomfort, and improve their physical functioning…

Advance your knowledge and your practice! Transform your practice and your clients’ lives with the knowledge you’ll gain from this online course and the new-found confidence you’ll have in your abilities!

Help Your Clients Regain Their Functional Independence
The AFIT (Adult Functional Independence Test) for Optimal Aging
Wouldn’t it be great to have a performance-based functional assessment tool to be used with adults 50 years and older to evaluate the key aspects of fitness central to optimal aging: posture, flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength? This session presents and demonstrates such a tool, the Adult Functional Independence Test (AFIT). All of the measures that comprise the AFIT are supported by research and include predictive analytics or national norms.

You will gain a better understanding of the importance of these measures and observe how to correctly perform the assessment as well as explain the implications to your patients/clients. Walk away with evidence-based exercises for the problems identified and learn first-hand how to use them through three case studies.

In Session 1, you will learn:

  • 15 assessments that comprise the AFIT, determine where patients/clients fit within the norms and cutoffs for these assessments, demonstrate competence in administering these tools, and describe their implications for optimal aging.
  • 15 exercises for the remediation of the problems found in the AFIT and identify the evidence for using each exercise to address the specific deficit.
  • Appropriate interventions for the problems found on the AFIT.
  • Marketing strategies to help inform the medical and general community.
  • Motivational techniques to increase exercise adherence.
Effective Interventions for Older Adults
Most clinicians have extensive arsenals of treatment protocols they can use to address their patient’s needs. But new information and new treatment options are published every day. Keeping up can feel like a full-time job. In Session 2, you will get the latest treatment research for older adults broken down into the most clinically relevant options for physical and occupational therapists to use when treating older adults who have issues with posture, flexibility, balance, endurance, or strength.

We’ll touch on assessment, but focus on evidence-based treatment options for older adults that can be used in the clinic or the community. Learn about the most effective treatment protocols as Dr. Lewis demonstrates their use. Handouts, step by step protocols, and patient treatment plans are included.

In Session 2, you’ll walk away able to:

  • Demonstrate 30 different exercises for posture, flexibility, endurance, strength, and balance that are evidenced based
  • Explain why these exercises are important and why EBM is important
  • Monitor proper execution and progression of these exercises
  • Use 2 evidence-based taping techniques for posture
  • Describe 2 evidence-based mobilization techniques for posture and several for flexibility
  • Explain how to prioritize interventions for older adults
  • Discuss lower level interventions for older adults
r order confirmation, and get instant access to all course materials, including the bonus materials — all designed to help you effectively integrate evidence-based exercises central to optimal aging into your practice. Click here for course objectives and outline.
Review the course materials at your own pace and at your convenience! You’ll have unlimited access to all course videos and materials online forever. Plus, use the PESI Mobile™ app to access the course content on-the-go, wherever and whenever you want on your mobile devices.
Instantly collaborate with other professionals on the course materials through interactive message boards. You’ll be part of a community of hundreds of practitioners all focused on integrating optimal aging interventions in clinical practice, providing valuable opportunities to share insight and experiences and to build your professional network.
Complete your online CE tests and earn up to 10.25 CE hoursClick here for CE credit details and credit details specific to your profession.
BONUS! Walk away with an additional in-depth CE training…
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Effective Interventions for Lower Level Patients

This Bonus video focuses on interventions for the older adult who is struggling to stay independent in the community or who is already receiving assistance. This population ranges from bed to wheelchair-bound, to older persons who may not be able to go to a gym to exercise.

It’s no surprise that the number of older persons is growing and that therapists are increasingly being asked to verify that the care they provide is effective and evidenced based. Many settings are also demanding that only the most cost effective and efficient care be provided.

The older adult who is not at a high, or even at a community level, is most at risk for decline. Hence the work of Physical and Occupational therapy is most critical. But we must provide the best, evidence-based care.

Effective Interventions for Lower Level Patients provides concrete, evidence-based treatment ideas in the areas of posture, flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance. A short piece will review the AFIT Level 2 and will be followed by specific interventions that can be used in any setting.

Dr. Carole Lewis will discuss and demonstrate techniques you can use to provide your older, lower level patients with the best and most innovative care.


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