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Nick Tumminello – Advanced Bodyweight Training Course

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Nick Tumminello – Advanced Bodyweight Training Course


All online, you can learn everywhere, anytime and still get the support you need from the PTC team

You’ll be able to construct highly-effective workouts without a gym, catering for clients at home or who travel

You’ll learn how to ensure that you’re using resistance bands in a way that fits your clients’ biomechanics.

You’ll gain access to sample workouts and circuits that you can “plug and play” into your training programmes.

About Advanced Bodyweight
Advanced Bodyweight Training caters for your Personal Training clients who can’t (or won’t) train at a gym, or who need to still maintain their exercise regime whilst on holiday or travelling. In this course, Nick Tumminello explains why you don’t need barbells or dumbbells to build muscle and performance, reveals the best way to use resistance bands, and provides a library of sample workouts and circuits for you to adapt for your own training programmes.

Course Syllabus
The Problem with Bodyweight-Only Workouts
Understand the limiting factors behind training with just your bodyweight.
Identify the advantages of using resistance bands.
Understand the advantages of combining traditional and bodyweight exercises into a training programme.
Two Types of Iron-Free Training
Identify resistance profiles of resistance bands.
Understand how load profiles combine with biomechanics.
Explain the stimuli for building muscle.
Understand how different repetition ranges can create different stimuli for hypertrophy.
Iron-Free High-Volume Training Protocols
Create lower-body training protocols with bodyweight and resistance bands.
Pulling and Pushing Complexes
Create upper-body training protocols with bodyweight and resistance bands.

Isolation-Based Complexes
Create iron-free training protocols for smaller muscle groups.
Consider modifications to training protocols for different client goals.
Utilise mechanical drop set protocols using bodyweight and resistance bands.
Programming and Progression Guidelines
Understand how to create overload without adding load.

Top Conditioning Protocols
Create conditioning workouts for both indoor and outdoor locations with different equipment demands.
Sample Bodyweight Workouts


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