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Mike Killen – APEX Campaigns

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Have you ever worked on a marketing campaign for a customer, and for whatever reason, it’s just fell flat on it’s face?

I have, it used to drive me bananas.

No matter how hard I worked or how much of the common knowledge and accepted marketing wisdom I followed, some projects, no matter what, JUST. WOULDN’T. WORK.

I couldn’t figure it out.

Worst of all, the customer had already hammered me on price. So I was desperately trying to get the sales and leads in, to show them that I was worth spending more money on. But it was an endless cycle of low sales and low conversions.

And any customers I did land, I had to jump through hoop after hoop, just to get their business. Only to discover that when I launched their campaign, it wouldn’t convert.

And who got the blame?

The customer swore by their product. “It’s the best on the market! We’re the #1 supplier!
We just need traffic and this thing sells itself!”

If something was going wrong, it must have been my fault. Right?

Investing in new leads will kill a business

We’ve been taught as marketers that the “top of the funnel” is the most important part of the equation. New leads! That’s what everything needs!

I’ve learned now, that new leads and “top of the funnel” is a graveyard. That’s where marketing dollars go to die.


Because it’s like pouring water into a bucket with holes in it.

I’ve got bad news for you. Your customers WANT you to fail.

That’s right. They’re setting you up for failure.

Your customer’s customers, they’ve become smarter and more sophisticated. They have more choice than ever and their attention is the lowest it’s ever been.

Your customer’s customers don’t care about your campaigns or the company behind them. They care about themselves and that’s what your projects are missing.

With traffic costs going up, more players entering every industry. It’s going to be harder than ever to create customer campaigns that work and that’s based on the #1 lie that all marketers believe.

“I can save any business.”
But I’m afraid that you absolutely, 100% cannot.

You can help anyone, but you can’t help everyone.

You are battling against the human nature of YOUR customers.

They know things are tough and while they might say they want to improve sales or launch a new product.
What they really want is an easy life and for things to not change.

Ever pushed an idea to a customer that you know might work, only for them to say “no we’ve not done that before. We can’t do that”? So you do what they want and surprise! It doesn’t work?

Human nature.

That’s why I created APEX Campaigns.

My name is Mike Killen and I encourage marketing funnel builders to find multiple scalable income opportunities which frees them from the constraints of traditional, outdated service delivery methods.

I’m the author of From Single To Scale, Universe Fuel and Five Figure Funnels.

My job is to enable confidence in funnel builders just like you, to see that you have every right and opportunity to live how you want.

Here’s what’s included in APEX Campaigns
It’s not your fault that you believe traffic and ads are the most important aspect of running customer campaigns – you’ve been lied to and I want to show you an even faster way to generate sales for customers.

How to get paid to do business audits using our templates and scripts

How to charge for website audits and use them to discover if a customer should work with you

Uncover 5 profitable services that you could sell to customers this week

Why a tiny email list when you’re just starting out is more profitable than 10,000 email names

Why launching products to a new market almost never works, and what to do instead

What never ever to tell a customer on a first meeting if you’re trying to land a five figure project

The secret to attracting cold and warm traffic that ALL the social platforms want to keep secret

Under 1/5 businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates* so WHY aren’t they queuing up to buy marketing funnels? It’s because they’re unhappy with the conversion rates that customers don’t want to talk to another marketing agency

The single most important question you need to ask customers if you want to sell consultation, workshops or other “less work, more money” services

Are you making this classic consulting mistake? When selling consulting, do you find you give away all your good stuff and then the customer doesn’t buy? Stop that right now!

Taking on all customer projects is smart, right? WRONG! Without getting paid to audit and deep dive your clients, you’re opening yourself to world of hurt (and I’ll show you how to sell auditing and deep diving).

Are you charging you customers when you qualify them? No? Then yo’u’re missing out on a totally new income stream, that also makes like 100x easier

WARNING: You are going to help customers uncover massive opportunities in their business. They might not let you leave their office

Comfortably sell high ticket consulting to customers (even if they say they don’t want to buy consulting)

Swipe and copy our 5 new products to sell to customers that 5x your revenue

Eliminate low value customers completely and never have to work with them again

Did you know that the best time to make a sale is right after someone has bought? The second best time to make a sale is immediately after someone signs up to your email list

WARNING: Helping your clients attract more traffic without A,P and E first will kill their business (and they’ll blame you!”)

The easiest way to land consulting and design clients (who can’t wait to work with you)

The truth behind selling consultations and workshops for high prices (even if you’ve never sold one before)

If you can read a script, you can sell marketing funnels, consultation, workshops and audits easily

No more marketing campaigns that fall flat on their face. Just follow our Product Marketing Matrix and see exactly what to focus on next

Better than buying new marketing funnel software. Customers DO NOT CARE what kind of marketing funnel software you use and this costs 1/4 what new marketing funnel software costs

The weird “Good Day, Bad Day” game that creates amazing sales copy and drives customers to buy (even if you’re awful at copywriting)

What you absolutely must do to avoid “proposal fatigue” and get customers to buy from you

How to turn awkward, low value customers into profitable sales that pay you to leave them alone (weird right?)


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