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​​​​​​​Are you a planner girl with dreams of turning your passion for planners into a full-fledge, heart-centered business full of raving fans?

​​​​​​​If you said “Yaaaaassssss!”, then we are your people. Welcome home.
What if we told you…

You already have a million dollar product inside of you.

You already know what to do.

You already have what it takes.
You are a freaking genius.

We are going to teach you how to…

turn your zone of genius into a planner and turn your planner into the first step of your epic customer journey.

This is how you are going to create a business that goes way beyond Etsy!

We think differently around here…

This is not a course about how to become an expert at Etsy SEO. It’s about how to show up as the expert on YOU.

This is not a course about how to figure out what’s trending in search results so that you can offer the product “of the moment.” It’s about how you can create products that you actually give a damn about and can sell with passion for years and years.​​​​​​​

This is not a course about how to pick the perfect niche and customer avatar. It’s about how you can attract raving, lifelong fans to WHO YOU REALLY ARE as an ever evolving human being.


See the big picture for going from selling a planner on Etsy to building a heart-centered, full-time business. Become aware of the MINDSET you need to cultivate along the way in order to actually move upward instead of around in circles.

Milestone 1

Wondering how on earth to identify your zone of genius? It’s already inside of you just waiting for you to shine a light on it. In this milestone, we dive into the mindset shifts needed to turn that light on full blast.

Milestone 2

Turn your zone of genius into a planner. This is an exciting first step in creating a minimal viable product that attracts your true fans into a customer journey with you.

Milestone 3

Don’t waste any time trying to build a shop from scratch when you’re just starting out. Get up and running on Etsy so that you can keep moving and start selling!

Milestone 4

Tap into the most powerful platforms for generating traffic from a place of pinning what YOU love. We share how not restricting ourselves to pinning for a single niche has actually been one of the biggest reasons for why Pinterest has worked so well for us.

Milestone 5: Capture Emails with a Customer Hub

Milestone 6: Create Your Mini Course

Milestone 7
: Build Your Affiliate Army

Milestone 8:
 Nurture Your Community

Printable and Digital Workbooks

Tap into your zone of genius and turn it into a planner that you can be darn proud to sell to the world!


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