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Michele Guzy – Inside Secrets of Success

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Michele Guzy – Inside Secrets of Success

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  • Do you have credibility, confidence and composure?
  • Does fear of making a mistake or anxiety hold you back in your new profession?
  • Do you feel that you are ready to embrace your new career and create the success you deserve?

Michele Guzy, Certified Hypnotherapist, offers her “Inside Secrets of Success” for a rewarding career in hypnotherapy. This motivational program is designed to increase your confidence as a Hypnotherapist with the following topics:

The 5 Secrets of Success

  1. Don’t Panic – How to stay calm under pressure with a new client
  2. Master the Basics – Using hypnotic techniques to create change
  3. Building Rapport – You have 15 seconds or less to establish rapport
  4. Effective Listening – The most successful therapists do this very well
  5. Believe in Yourself – You can do anything you set your mind to do

Coupled with a dynamic 20-minute guided hypnosis session, Michele will release your subconscious limiting beliefs on success and prosperity and help you achieve all of your professional goals.

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