[Pre-Order] Melissa Pharr – Mini Course: Get Booked!

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Melissa Pharr – Mini Course: Get Booked!

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Melissa Pharr – Mini Course: Get Booked!

I remember posting online and mailing my list multiple times before I got anyone to take me up on my offer for a discovery call.  

I was this close to letting it take me out of the game, but then I realized just how important it was if I was going to have my first $5K or $10K month.  

So, I became a master at booking discovery calls! 

In fact, I tested out 13 different strategies, that all worked – and I share the best ones in this mini course. 

You’ll learn:  

  • My tops ways to book Discovery Calls that have lead to 15+ Discovery Calls a month CONSISTENTLY
  • EXACTLY how I brought in 16 clients in 3 weeks by turning free sessions into sales
  • The truth about why no one is responding to your Discovery Call posts and how to fix it! 
  • Where I’m booking Discovery Calls now without going promo crazy on Facebook. And why I’ve got a waiting list for 1:1 coaching!

It’s time to get you booking discovery calls like hot cakes! 

In this mini course, I’ll cover:  

  • Why no one is responding to your posts for Discovery Calls and how to fix it! (I’ll share my mini marketing plan with you and you can make your own, too)
  • My #1 Fave Discovery Session Booking Tool (It’s helped me book over 20 Discovery Calls in a month!)
  • How to convert free sessions into Discovery Calls with these 3 simple steps (I got 16 clients in 3 weeks using these steps!)
  • How I booked Discovery Calls for my first time selling High-End Coaching Packages (I used to charge pennies for single sessions and monthly memberships! This tactic helped me find ideal clients looking to invest highly in a coach.)
  • How to create Discovery Calls that your potential peeps are HOT for while avoiding an accidental free coaching call that ends in no new clients! (This practice has more potential clients willing to get on the phone!)
  • What took me from Novice to Master as a discovery call conductor (I’m hooking you up with free opportunities today! + A bonus about how to use these calls for your clients!)
  • How to make sure you’re attracting Ideal Clients to your Discovery Calls who are more likely to say YES! (Some smart structures to point you in the direction of success!)

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