[Pre-Order] Melissa Pharr – Mini Course: Create Client Attracting Content

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Melissa Pharr – Mini Course: Create Client Attracting Content

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Melissa Pharr – Mini Course: Create Client Attracting Content

What if you could create content so good, and so quickly, that becoming the next well known online coach, with sold out coaching programs, was just a (short) matter of time? 

It’s about time that Content Creation got a whole lot easier! 

In this mini course, I’m sharing:  

  • How to choose content topics and themes that attract your ideal clients by the hordes
  • My step-by-step for creating QUALITY content QUICKLY that gets my followers RESULTS and keeps them coming back for more & saying yes to my paid offers
  • How to be super generous with free content without giving too much away, so your herd is hungry for more & willing to INVEST
  • My secrets to converting clients using free content + what calls to action worked best when I was a newbie in the online world
  • My simple and straight up strategy that uses crazy good content to turn lukewarm followers to raving fans

When I first began my online coaching business, I always seemed to be wondering, “What should I talk about?” “What should I write about in my newsletter?” “What topic would have people signing up for my webinar?”  

Truth be told, I put out plenty of content before I started hitting homeruns. The good news is, I’ve been able to identify the steps I took, and the ingredients, that create standout free stuff that gets the attention of my ideal clients.  

I wasn’t the most visible coach in the online world when I managed to get over 700 sign ups for my first online challenge, with NO paid advertising.  

I’d only been a coach for a few short months when my online posts in Facebook groups got over 800 comments in just 2 days.  

When my clients begin coaching with me, one of the first things they ask is, “How do I create amazing content?”  

My peeps learn how to choose topics, craft titles, deliver value, and compose content that creates raving fans who are ready to invest and happy to say YES!

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