[Pre-Order] Juan Pablo – Multi-Unit Intensive Training 2.0

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Juan Pablo – Multi-Unit Intensive Training 2.0

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Juan Pablo – Multi-Unit Intensive Training 2.0

Our goal is to provide you with the products and services to obtain multi-unit investment properties. Book a call now to get started with the first steps to receiving passive income through multi-unit investing.
What We Learned

Locating cash flowing multi-unit properties.
Knowing what steps to take after acquiring a multi-unit property.
Clients who moved forward and made mistakes were losing thousands of dollars closing bad deals!

What You’ll Recieve

Ongoing content! Fresh new content exclusive from YouTube.
Real estate investing knowledge good for ANY market!
Additional customer support.

What You’ll Need

A burning desire to achieve financial freedom through multi-unit investing.
Access to a computer or tablet to complete homework tasks.

Watch the Free Webinar Now: “How To Purchase a Multi-Unit Rental Property With Little To None Of Your Own Money”
How the MIT works for its Investors

The MIT 2.0 Program has been broken down into 4 trainings and is Available Now!

Here are the topics covered in each training:

Week 1: How to Find The Money… so you can prove your credibility and qualify for funding

Week 2: How to Find the Deal… so you’ll know what makes a deal a deal, analyze them and get them under contract

Week 3: How to Carry Out the Due Diligence… so you can leverage inspection reports to negotiate credits at closing

Week 4: How Close the Deal… so you’ll know when to close, what’s needed to close, when to sell or when to scale


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Exclusive Access to REI Content

The People’s Mentor, Juan Pablo, provides MIT members with exclusive training content not found anywhere else!

Members learn where and how to structure the financing for your multi-unit deals, that way the banks never deny any of your deals.

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Replace Your Active Income With Passive Income Using Our Team Of Experts To Build Your Multi-Unit Portfolio!

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