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Jovianarchive – The Love Gates

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Jovianarchive – The Love Gates


Topics include:

  • Discover the ten Gates and themes of love
  • Understand why one person can naturally feel more love for the other in a relationship
  • Learn about the two types of love
  • Understand how love activations can also be experienced as hate
  • Discover your defined and undefined love themes, and how they affect your experience in relationships

How do you express love, and what kind of love is right for you?

In Human Design we look at relationships from the perspective of connecting with others through Gates and Channels. Some connections are based in attraction, others in compromise, dominance or companionship. But are these connections a form of love?

There are themes within the BodyGraph that represent specific expressions of love. Some are based in transpersonal love, and others in personal love. Each plays a different role, and the various forms of connectivity affect the way love is experienced.

Join Ra in this profound journey exploring the Gates of Love and different types of connection themes, including relationship examples, and in taking a look at the future of relationships. This audio lecture and eBook package consists of 5+ hours of 32 titled mp3 files, and a fully illustrated 143-page eBook transcript.


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