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Jovianarchive – The Design Of Human Sexuality

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Jovianarchive – The Design Of Human Sexuality


Change your unhealthy relationships by freeing yourself from the traps of the homogenized mind

Discover your uniqueness in sexuality and caring, and learn how to maintain your self-identity in relationships

Understand Your Sexuality
Discover your type of sexuality by understanding what you’re not

Moving Beyond the Not-Self in Relationship
Discover how self-love and Design can guide you in finding love that is fulfilling

Sexuality in Our Age
Learn how our sexuality has changed from the sexuality of the past

Acceptance and Honesty
Learn how understanding, acceptance, and honesty are keys to successful relationships

True Caring
Understand how to approach caring and nurturing in ways that sustain you and others

For most of us, sexuality holds the potential for connection, relationship and joy. But as Nine-Centered beings, our sexuality has also been a source of complex emotions and impulses that are not easily understood. When our relationships are strong and vibrant, it seems we have the skill to make the most of our experience as sexual beings. When we experience doubt, guilt, depression or disappointment in our relationships, it may sometimes seem that there are no reliable guidelines and no possibility of healthy, fulfilling sexuality and connection. As Ra puts it: there is something wrong … and we don’t quite know what it is.

If you have identified effective approaches to sexuality and relationship in your own life, be prepared to re-examine those approaches in light of the changes we will be experiencing in the next years. With our bodies designed to focus on mating and reproduction, we have been driven by our physical and emotional needs. That drive is changing as we near the end of an era. The coming mutation will cause us to experience a change to these fundamental aspects of our lives as we learn to express our sexual identity uniquely and with awareness.

Human Design offers effective approaches to human sexuality based on your Design. The Design of Human Sexuality is a new release — an 11-lesson/hour audio course with eBook transcript (here’s an excerpt) and classroom recordings in video. The audio and transcript explore a course that Ra Uru Hu presented over eleven weeks, and offers insight into human sexuality and maintaining satisfying relationships in accordance with our Design.

What will change for you when you enter into and sustain your relationships based on your unique Design and, as Ra puts it, allow your vehicle to take over in your life? Join Ra for this fascinating approach to human sexuality. 


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