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Jovianarchive – Sex And Love And The True Self

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Jovianarchive – Sex And Love And The True Self



  • How we can enter into sexual relationships correctly
  • Who is built for celibacy
  • What the future of sexual bonds will look like as we move toward 2027
  • Who is naturally designed for relationships and sexual bonding

Sexuality is an integral part of life. But how do we know if we are engaging in physical intimacy correctly, or based on conditioning?

Looking at Global Cycles can show us how we are conditioned to experience sex, love, and relationships. The powerful background frequency brought specifically by the Cross of Planning is the global cycle we have all been deeply affected by, and reveals the mechanics behind the perception and purpose of sexual bonds over the last 400 years.

Join Ra in this one-hour lecture as he gives a thorough analysis of various aspects of Sex and Love for the True Self compared to “Not-Self” love, which most of us are familiar with.

“Love is in seeing the beauty of who you are. It is sharing that expression of uniqueness that binds us in love. This is what touches us, what is so beautiful, when human beings can meet at the awareness level.” ~ Ra Uru Hu


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