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Joey Ragona – Facebook Ad Insiders Group

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Joey Ragona – Facebook Ad Insiders Group

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The Easiest Facebook Marketing Training to get your Facebook Ads working now

SAVE money and avoid the headaches of Facebook Ads that don’t work because of out-dated strategies or ad specialists that don’t have your best interest at heart

Are you frustrated with

Facebook Ads?

Do you want Facebook ads training without taking a big course or hiring a Facebook Ads specialist who doesn’t have your best interest at heart?

Imagine how fast your business will grow if you could jump-ahead of the competition simply by knowing what’s working NOW in Facebook Ads?

In other words, the “insider’s stuff”.

You can.

Here’s how.

Every week, I am personally on a call with a REAL Facebook expert.  I’m talking about someone who is spending an average person’s year salary on ads – EVERY WEEK.

So I think he knows what he’s doing.

In addition, we are connected to actual Facebook programmers – not sales people – the actual dudes who write the algorithm code for Facebook Ads.  

THAT ALONE is worth the price of admission to the Facebook Insider’s Group

But it doesn’t stop there.

We get inside intel from the specialized departments within Facebook.  

Departments such as custom and look-a-like audiences, conversion pixel stuff and so on.

The biggest problem with Facebook Advertising is the platform changes regularly.  So you need to be aware of changes and new strategies that are working.

Which is the reason so many online entrepreneurs waste time and money trying to figure Facebook Ads out on their own.

It’s the reason we lose money with Facebook Ad specialists who are not up-to-date every week. 

Enter the Facebook Ads Insiders’ Group.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on everything TOP internet marketers are doing right now to profit from Facebook Ads and how you can do the same.

The best part is, we continually update the training – so it never gets old and dated.

You can have access to the Facebook Insiders’ Group for a ONE TIME investment.

The Foundation


    How to properly set up Facebook Business Manager


    Why an “Account Hierarchy” saves you from disaster…especially if your ad account is ever shut down


    If you are using the Facebook Pixel correctly


    How to avoid the pixel problems of multiple ad accounts


    Why it’s important to add the Facebook Pixel in Google Tag Manager (GTM), and how to do it right.




    Clever ways to set up custom audiences so you can retarget and get more sales with ease


    Why video engagement audiences increase your chances of success


    The details about retargeting audiences


    Why most “Facebook Experts” are 100% wrong in the way they set up campaigns and ads


    How to TEST audiences to get the lowest lead cost


    The really juicy secrets to find “sideways” marketing data so you can eliminate competing for the same audiences, and keep your ad costs lower




    How to create, optimize and use Facebook Ad campaigns


    How 90% of all campaigns should be set up


    An exclusive look into the FB Live Video Engagement campaign


    The surest way to set up a Facebook Ad to Application campaign – great if you’re a coach or consultant


    How to “diagnose” your campaign and know if it’s working or not


Ad Set Up


    How to easily set up each level of a Facebook Ad (campaign, ad set, and ad creatives)


    A “blueprint” for custom conversions and why you need to use them


    The pure magic of Dynamic Ads and how to break down the data so you know exactly where to put your money


    Never-fail way to split test ads


    The single most important thing you can do to optimize your ad


    How to track your ad performance so you know which ads to shut off and which to keep going


    Best practices for keeping your Facebook Ads organized


    What never to do when an ad is live and running


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